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2024-06-13 13:03:04

Kids Eat 67 Percent Ultra-Processed Food

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This shocked me , actually .

67% of calories kids eat come from ultra processed foods .

That's 2 thirds of all the calories that they consume .

That is mind blowing .

So what is an ultra processed calorie ?

Well , it's the industrial grains , all the processed grain products you see in the grocery store .

We have the sweet snacks .

They're ready to eat and they're ready to heat foods , foods high in added sugar , foods with trans fats , refined starches , like modified food starch , for example .

Now most of these foods are very , very high in carbohydrates but without very many nutrients .

So you have the situation where you have high oxidation .

That's like rusting out the inside of the body without any antioxidants that are supposed to protect all this free radical damage .

So this is where the heart disease comes in in the artery .

This is where you can be at risk for getting cancer and especially diabetes .

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Now the problem with diabetes is that , normally , you're gonna have high insulin , which the doctors are never gonna check , for probably 20 years or 25 years before the blood sugars even go up .

So diabetes takes a long time to develop .

And when you're developing this condition , a lot of times , you don't even know it's brewing in the oven until it's in the later stages .

Now most of these calories are not eaten at home .

It's out of the house , fast food restaurants , that type of thing .

And the problem is when these kids eat these foods , they're just never satisfied , so they keep eating it over and over and over because they're highly addictive .

Now this study involved , age group between 2 19 years old , from 1999 to 2018 involving 30 3,000 participants .

Now in 1999 , when they started the study , the ultra processed calories encompassed 61% of the calories .

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But in 2018 , it's 67% of their calories .

So it went up a bit .

So ultra processed would be the soft drinks , the chips , the chocolate , the candy , the ice cream , the sweetened breakfast cereals , which , by the way , are the most common things that kids consume .

Then we have packaged soups , chicken nuggets , very popular , hot dogs , fries .

Listen .

If your kids are consuming this , they need to get on the ketogenic diet .

There are so many wonderful desserts and foods that mimic some of these foods .

They're not identical .

They're similar .

So I would definitely get your kids involved .

This is a train wreck waiting to happen .

We have 2 thirds of our children eating these foods .

So , really , it's up to you and me to spread the word and , get these kids on a healthy version of the ketogenic diet .

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I also put a link down below of some really good desserts that I think that your kids will like that don't have any sugar in them .

Thanks for watching .

Hey .

Before you go , if you're benefiting from any of my content , I would love to hear about your success story .

Please share it in the link down below .

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