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2024-06-14 12:42:17

Make Sure Your Kids Get Enough Zinc

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Now it's very very important if you have children to make sure that those kids , especially if they're very young , have enough zinc in their diet and to make sure they're not consuming anything that can be depleting them of zinc , mostly because the neurons in the forebrain , are dependent on zinc .

That's the part of the brain that's involved in the cognitive processes , thinking , memory , speaking .

There's 2 very interesting studies that show the link between having a zinc deficiency and experiencing neuropsychological problems , especially reasoning .

Now reasoning has to do with thinking about something in a logical , sensible way .

Now , if you have teenagers , by the way , you may have experienced , some lack of reasoning occasionally .

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Well , that could be a simple zinc deficiency because zinc has everything to do with supporting the cognitive , part of your brain .

And if you don't have enough zinc , you inhibit the capacity to learn .

You reduce the ability for someone to have attention on what they're doing , you cause poor retention of data .

It's called poor memory .

And they even found that kids that are deficient in zinc play less than kids that have enough zinc .

Interesting .

If a mother who's carrying a child is deficient in zinc , she could pass on a child that has poor memory .

So it's very , very important if you're pregnant to take zinc , if you're breastfeeding to take zinc and as a child to take zinc .

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Now I think it's probably very important to talk about what depletes zinc more than taking zinc because the number one reason why kids are deficient in zinc is because of phytic acid .

And you get phytic acid in cereal .

Okay .

The amount of cereal that these kids eat is just blocking their zinc .

Cereal , corn , corn chips , popcorn , soy , soy products .

It's in so many different things .

And also wheat , because grains have phytic acid , especially in the bran as in a whole wheat .

There's more phytic acid in whole wheat than there is in refined wheat as in , white flour .

So we need to get our kids off these grains .

We need to get them on healthy keto , and we need to make sure they have enough zinc .

Hey .

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