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2024-06-14 11:47:00

Give Your Kids More Butter

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Let's talk about why it's better to give your kids more butter .

Now as a child , I craved butter .

I remember as a child always consuming way more butter than anyone else .

In fact , I would go in the refrigerator and consume , probably a half a pound of butter in one sitting .

Little did I know , I was very , very deficient in vitamin k 2 , and my body just went to the source of where you get k 2 , in grass fed butter .

You can also get it in cheese , of course , grass fed .

It's in grass fed meat .

It's in egg yolks .

It's also in fermented veggies .

And so why is this vitamin k 2 so important , for infants and children ?

Well , because vitamin k 2 is intimately involved in the development of your facial bones .

Okay ?

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Your facial structure , your teeth , preventing cavities and premature calcification of the cartilage in your at the end of your bones .

And so if you don't have enough vitamin k 2 , instead of having the normal cartilage that allows your bones to grow , you can have a calcification of that cartilage and end up actually just being shorter than you should be .

Vitamin k 2 , is essential in protecting the heart , keeping the calcium out of the arteries and in the bones .

Vitamin k 2 is not just important for your facial bones and preventing cavity .

It's good for everything connected to to your teeth and even possibly preventing someone from getting braces because they have good dental structure .

There was a really good book that I read .

It's called Nutrition and Physical Degeneration by Weston Price , written in 1945 .

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An amazing book written by a dentist who traveled around the world looking for why certain traditional cultures had very good health , perfect teeth , perfect dental structure , and other cultures did not .

And he isolated this down to what's called the x factor or activator x , he called it .

He isolated the source to be in , butter fat , organ meats , animal fats from grass fed animals , and , fish eggs .

Well , it turns out that this x factor really is vitamin k 2 , which was discovered not long ago .

Now , animals that consume grass , which is loaded with vitamin k 1 , then convert the k 2 into the animal fat or the milk , which then is converted to k 2 from microbes in the gut , and that can then turn into the cheese or the buttermilk .

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So this is why a mother , who's breastfeeding , gives the child a lot of vitamin k 2 , and the children that are not breastfed are more likely to have a vitamin k 2 deficiency .

Now also , the lactic acid bacteria in your gut can convert k one to k two .

Now vitamin k two also , activates the function of other vitamins , fat soluble vitamins , like vitamin a and vitamin d , which both are very vital in a child developing their immune system .

And this is why in generations past , we were given cod liver oil because it's a perfect balance of vitamin d and vitamin a .

I think if you were to raise your children on not just cod liver oil , but high quality grass fed butter , I think they would have very good dental structure .

I think they would have minimal cavities .

I think they would have healthier hearts .

I think they would have much stronger bones .

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And so I just wanted to do this video to raise your awareness on the importance of vitamin k 2 and the source of that , which would be grass fed butter .

Alright .

Thanks for watching , and I will see you in the next video .

Hey , before you go , if you're benefiting from any of my content , I would love to hear about your success story .

Please share it in the link down below .

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