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2023-08-22 10:19:04

Click Wealth System Review- Legit Clickbank Product Or Scam

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Is click well system a scam or is it a legit way to making money online ?

Can you make great fortunes with a simple click ?

If you are looking at signing up to the click system and you're not sure whether this is the right business opportunity for you , then you are at the right place today .

This review is gonna help you to show you everything you need to know about click system so that you can make an informed decision .

My name is Rupesh and I'd like to take this opportunity to welcome you to my channel , Passive Income Parole .

If you are looking at making money online and starting your very own online business , go ahead and click on the link below this video and if you haven't subscribed to my channel , click on the subscribe button so that you can be kept up to date on what is happening within the world of online business .

So now let's take a look at click wealth system .

Ok .

So here we are at the official Click wealth system sales page .

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Give me five minutes and I will show you how you can generate your first paycheck online .

And then there's a sales video and if you go down , there's just a button to access the program and the cost of the program .

All right .

So just wanna show you the opening part to the video .

Hi there .

Hi there .

A special gift for you .

So what exactly is a special gift we'll find out soon enough .

And by the way , the video does say that it's only five minutes long , which is actually way longer than five minutes .

I managed to sit through the whole video and to summarize the narrator is supposedly the owner of click system and he goes by the name of Matthew and apparently Matthew is the creator of another business project called Daily Profit Makeup .

And I decided to check out this system as well called Daily Profit Maker .

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And this is what had happened .

So when I went to go visit the actual daily profit maker dot com website , it was flagged by my antivirus software stating that it is an untrustworthy website .

And then obviously , the next step would be to ask Google for help and research the daily profit maker .

But there as well , I couldn't pick up any information about that particular software .

So what does this mean at the end of the day , at the end of the day ?

It means that there is no real owner to the software as yet and it is a potential red flag .

And uh one would ask , would you trust your money to someone who you do not know you're gonna do business with .

Anyway , carrying on with the sales video .

Uh , according to Matthew , the main idea or the mission of system is to create multimillionaires out of ordinary ordinary jos .

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And Matthew himself had been a low wage accountant working for a firm .

And due to the economic instability , he was forced to leave the job .

And as a result of the system system , he has become an online millionaire .

And this is the free gift that you're gonna get , which is the actual system .

And what is the system all about ?

Matthew claims that the click wealth system is a never before seen method to making money online and it's 100% legal and ethical .

It's a newbie brand new method and it's got nothing to do with surveys or multilevel marketing or Forex or even Bitcoin .

So what is it about ?

It's called customer arbitrage system .

Basically , you are the middle man and you bring the customers to your website .

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And then the final step is to direct these customers to the vendors such as Amazon or click back .

And once these customers buy something from these vendors , you in turn will earn a commission .

And that's basically what the click we system is all about .

And this certainly is not a brand new way to make money online .

It goes by another name which you might have heard before called affiliate marketing and affiliate marketing .

Is certainly a way to make money online .

And if you want to know how you can get started , it's the same method that I have used .

So just click on the link below this video and you will learn more about that platform .

However , coming back to uh click wealth system , this is the method in which Matthew claims it will help people to get out of the red race and to becoming financially free .

And he outlined the three core steps of click wealth system .

Ok .

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So the three step process of the click wealth system .

First one , the step one is to choose a customer from the insider list .

Step two , you're gonna create a website using the cloud based software .

And apparently this website is built within five clicks and most more likely it's going to be a one page website or squeeze page .

And that definitely means that the main way in which you're gonna drive traffic to this website is by using page .

It is .

So that's another thing you should be aware of .

And then the final step is to drive the customer to this merchant website .

Hopefully they buy something you earn a commission .

And the idea is then for you to simply sit back and the entire process should repeat itself , allowing you to earn commissions to rolling on a continuous basis .

And the sales page also has a couple of testimonials which cannot be verified .

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And these are the testimonials from the sales videos as you can see , anybody can create these sort of testimonial and there's no way of verifying them .

What about the cost of click system ?

How much does it cost ?

Well , from the sales video , Matthew says that it costed him around $20,000 just to get the system up and running .

And that included all the website hosting fees , the server contracts and what have you .

But he's giving it to you at a price of just $9 .

Now , that sounds pretty crazy .

But in a moment , you're gonna see exactly how much the system is really going to cost you .

What is inside the click wealth system ?

There are a few short training tutorials as well as some DFY pages .

But before I show you what the members area is all about , let's talk about the true cost of the Click wealth system .

Ok ?

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So these are the three major up sales .

The first one is the profit activator , which is 100 and $47 .

2nd up sale is a click profit multiplier which is 100 and $48 .

And the third one is a five times profit size , which is 100 and $49 .

And according to Matthew , he states that you would need these up sales to get the full benefit of the program .

So as is evident , it's certainly not going to be a cheap cause now let's take a look at what the members area looks like .

So this is what the members area is .

The first thing that you will notice within the dashboard area is the members welcome message .

Then there are nine training lessons and a few to which are self pages .

And on the left hand side , you would notice all the lessons and the one that are highlighted in red .

Those are the upsets that I mentioned to you earlier on .

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They will teach you how to go about creating a click link account .

You will also need to sign up at some point to an auto responder service .

And in this case , they recommend get response .

And the point of an auto responder service or an email provider service is to implement the email swipes which they give to you .

And so essentially what this means is that if you use the tools just like the rest of the members who buy this product as well , you guys are going to be sending out the same email to all the customers .

So in other words , you are not allowed any customizations and you're not going to be able to create a personal connection with your emails .

And exactly how would you be sending out these emails ?

And this is where I told you that you most likely would be using a paid marketing service .

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I mean , a paid air service and they teach you on how to use solo ads and solo A is not one of the best ways to use because you're essentially using other people's email list .

And the main problem here , once again , you're not gonna be able to choose your customers in which you can market to and everybody will be sending it to the same audience .

In other words , most likely your email will also be sent to the trash .

So is click system a scam .

The two positives about the system is that number one , the for your investment , you are going to get some training .

And I think if you are a beginner or a newbie to the world of a field marketing , it can serve as an ok introduction to this business model .

And the second positive is that it is a click bank product .

So it is covered by a 60 day money back guarantee .

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So taking these two points into account , I do not think that click system is a scam .

However , I would not recommend it .

First of all , it is marketed as a total income generating system and that's not true as you have seen that the $9 is just an entry point and you have to pay a huge amount of money just to access the rest of the training material .

But then the other thing is they are teaching on how to use solar ads .

And as I told you earlier , solar ads is not the best ways to marketing to an audience because you essentially marketing your website to co leads and hoping that you would get a commission at the end of the day , people would want to first get value from what they are receiving from your emailers once they receive value and they feel they can trust you only then would people buy from you ?

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And that's how email marketing works .

And speaking of trust some of the comments about click wealth system , there's no own transparency .

There are unverified testimonials .

They're using false scarcity tactics .

They are misleading you into believing that you can make money easily .

And from this point of views , I would not recommend the Click Well system .

Thanks so much for joining me .

I hope that this review has helped you .

And if you got a clearer picture of what Click Bell system is all about , if you are looking at earning yourself a passive income online and starting a business with true passive income potential , then do click on the link below this video to check out my number one recommendation .

And if you have not subscribed to this channel , please go ahead and subscribe so that we can chat in my next video .

I wish you everything of the best in your online success .

Take care .


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