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2024-06-10 10:53:41

98 Percent of Sleep Apnea Cases Have Low Vitamin D

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Let's talk about sleep apnea .

Did you realize that 98% of people with sleep apnea have low vitamin D , according to a study that I just read , which which I'll put a link down below .

So sleep apnea or obstructive sleep apnea , which is known as OSA , is majorly linked with a low vitamin D situation .

So we're going to discuss this .

Okay .

So vitamin D significantly reduces inflammation , and I'm talking about the tissues in the back of the throat , as well as in the back of the sinuses .

Many times those tissues are inflamed and that can be the reason why you can't breathe at night .

Also vitamin D supports an overactive immune system .

And many times when you have an overactive immune system , you have certain parts of your body , certain tissues that are inflamed , the sinuses , the back of the throat , and even the lungs , and that can obstruct your breathing .

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And then vitamin D also has a direct effect on your sleep cycles .

It helps you get into a deep , restful , rejuvenating sleep .

It helps support the Delta wave of your sleep , which is the deeper levels of sleep .

And without sleep there , you just don't get enough repair .

Now I just want to differentiate between the type of vitamin d .

In this video , I'm talking about vitamin d 3 , not vitamin d 2 .

There's been some reports that vitamin D 2 can actually create insomnia .

So you always want to make sure you take vitamin D 3 .

So a deficiency in vitamin D affects both sleep apnea and your sleep quality in general .

Without vitamin D , you're more likely to get low back pain , which is going to keep you up at night .

I mean , try to sleep with low back pain .

It's very difficult .

Also snoring is linked to a vitamin D deficiency .

I mean , snoring can actually wake you up by itself .

And if your spouse is deficient in vitamin D and they're snoring , that can keep you up .

And then I also mentioned less delta wave sleep .

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The delta wave is where you get this nice deep rejuvenating sleep .

And without vitamin d , it's very difficult to get into that delta wave sleep .

Now , without vitamin d , your stress levels are higher .

Your mood is usually lower and you're not going to be able to sleep with more stress Without vitamin d , your cortisol levels will be off .

And without proper cortisol balance , that can affect your sleep as well .

Cortisol is a stress hormone and too much cortisol keeps you in this flight or fight mode .

And also if you don't have enough vitamin D , you might tend to grind your teeth , which can affect your sleep cycles as well .

Probably because you have this internal stress that you're just not able to fully relax .

I always recommend taking vitamin d with magnesium because magnesium not only helps the absorption of vitamin d , but it can prevent leg and foot cramps at night , which can also keep you up .

And lastly , vitamin D is majorly associated with insulin resistance .

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So if you have insulin resistance , first of all , you're not going to be able to absorb vitamin d very well .

And if you have low vitamin d , your chances of developing insulin resistance go up because vitamin D is essential in maintaining the beta cell of your pancreas , that cell that produces insulin .

And vitamin D helps keep the free radicals and the oxidation at a very low state in that beta cell .

So in other words , to keep this to a short video , if you have sleep problems or sleep apnea , just start taking more vitamin d .

And I would recommend a minimum of 10,000 IUs of vitamin d right before you go to sleep , and make sure you take magnesium with it .

So if you're enjoying my content , which I hope you are , and you're applying this knowledge to your health and you have a success , I'd really appreciate you sharing your success story .

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So click the link down below to my website where you can upload your success story so you can help inspire others .

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