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2024-06-11 07:55:28

How Much Vitamin D Do I Need SURPRISING

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So I get this question a lot .

How much vitamin d should we be taking on a daily basis ?

Well , I think we should probably go to the experts .

Right ?

The vitamin d council , stated that healthy adults , which I'm still trying to find some healthy adults , need about 2,000 IUs , that's international units , k , per day if you're getting little to no sun .

Other experts recommend 400 to 800 IUs per day .

Now , here's the problem that I need your help with .

Okay ?

I just don't understand this .

When we take vitamin d , it's in these units right here , international units .

But when they measure the blood , it's not in international units .

It's in NGs per milliliter .

Okay ?

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So if you're deficient in your blood , how do we know how much vitamin d to take because the units and supplements are IUs .

Okay ?

So it's kinda weird .

I it's I don't know why they do that .

But if we take a look at the optimum concentration in your blood of vitamin d , it should be between 40 to 60ng's per milliliter .

Okay ?

So if you had 20ng's per milliliter , that would be considered low .

Right ?

Well , let's convert 20 ng's per milliliter to international units per milliliter .

It would be 0.8 .

Pretty small .

But the question is , how much blood do we have ?

Because this is per milliliter , not all of your blood .

So we have about 5 liters of blood in the average size person .

And that would give us , if we do the math , 4,000 international units .

Okay ?

Vitamin D .

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So people that are deficient that have only 20 ng's per milliliter really have about 4,000 international units of vitamin d , which is actually greater than what is recommended .

There's some conflicting information here .

Isn't there ?

Alright .

So just keep tracking with me here because if we take the optimum concentration , which is 40 to 60 , okay , how much vitamin d is this in international units ?

Well , if you do the calculations , it's 8,000 to 9000 IUs .

That's what's normal in your blood .

So how are we gonna get this if we're only recommending this or that ?

That's what I just don't understand .

It doesn't make sense to me .

And on top of that , I don't think you're gonna absorb a 100% of your supplements .

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Estimates show that you really only absorb between 60 to 80% , that's in a healthy person , of these vitamin d supplements when you take them .

If you're taking d 3 not d .

And so if we're only absorbing 60 to 80 percent and you took , let's say , 10,000 IUs in one day , you're really only absorbing 6000 to 8000 international units of vitamin d 3 which just barely make the the normal amount that you need in your blood .

So there's a big problem here because these recommendations do not match what we really need to normalize our blood values .

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And then on top of that , if you're taking these amounts and you have a deficiency or you have other problems like inflammation or you don't have a gallbladder or you have gut damage from past antibiotics or you're older or you have insulin resistance or you are obese , there are so many barriers that are gonna prevent you from absorbing this vitamin d .

Anyway , what I would recommend for the average person is to take at least at least 10,000 IUs every single day .

And on top of that , get some sun if you can just to meet the , minimum requirements that your body needs .

And another point I wanna bring up is that vitamin d is the most important vitamin because it's so important for your immune system to maintain a healthy mood , to keep inflammation out of your body , and not to mention your bone structure , your teeth .

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So it's no wonder why the great majority of the population is deficient in vitamin d .

So if you're enjoying my content , which I hope you are , and you're applying this knowledge to your health and you have a success , I'd really appreciate you sharing your success story .

So click the link down below to my website where you can upload your success story so you can help inspire others .

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