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2024-06-10 09:20:56

Good Luck Trying to Get Vitamin D from Foods

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I've done so many videos on vitamin D .

And one thing that's just really important to know is that there is no way you're ever gonna get your vitamin D from your foods , and I'm gonna prove it in this video .

What you're looking at is a chart of the various foods that starting from high vitamin d to low vitamin d , but they all have a good amount of vitamin d .

Then I get into the quantity of vitamin d , and they're all based on international units .

And then in the last column , I show you how much of that specific food you would have to consume on a daily basis to achieve what I think is a good level of vitamin D as a maintenance , and that would be 10,000 IUs of vitamin D .

Some of you are new to my channel and you're listening to this and going , wait a second , that's a toxic amount .

I put a few videos down below so you can get more information on that and realize that 10,000 IUs is not toxic .

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And there's very specific reasons why you need that much .

Alright .

So let's start with mackerel .

Okay ?

You would need 10 servings .

Each serving is 3 ounces .

Okay ?

You would need 10 servings of this every day to achieve your requirements .

Then we have salmon , wild caught salmon .

You need 10 servings .

That's 30 ounces of salmon .

I don't really know anyone that can consume that much per day .

Then we have mushrooms .

You would have to eat 14 cups of mushrooms , which is that's gonna be difficult .

But the problem with mushrooms is they're not giving vitamin D3 .

They're gonna give you vitamin D2 , which you're not gonna nearly get the absorption or the amounts that you need with vitamin D2 .

You really need vitamin D3 .

All right .

Then we have trout .

You would need 15 servings .

It's 42 ounces , Impossible to consume .

Then we have farm fed salmon .

You would need 18 servings .

Impossible .

Cod liver oil , 22 teaspoons .

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Wow .

It's not going to happen .

All right .

Canned tuna , 32 servings .

That's 129.5 ounces .

That's 32 cans .

Okay .

32 cans , 129.5 ounces .

Try to consume that in a day .

Then we have herring , that would be 46 servings .

That's 56 ounces , impossible .

Yogurt , you need 65 cups , not gonna happen .

Beef liver , 238 servings , impossible .

And then we get egg yolks , 270 eggs , I don't think so .

So anyway , definitely consume these foods , but get your vitamin d from sun or a supplement .

So if you're enjoying my content , which I hope you are , and you're applying this knowledge to your health and you have a success , I'd really appreciate you sharing your success story .

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So click the link down below to my website where you can upload your success story so you can help inspire others .

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