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2023-08-28 01:59:42

Exercise for men with ED

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Hi , I'm Ken Schafer and I'm here to discuss all things related to men's sexual health .

And as I've said before , sexual health is really general health with a specific goal , I encourage everybody to exercise as part of a healthy lifestyle .

I think it's particularly important for men with Ed to start exercising .

Remember that Ed is almost always a sign of something going wrong with your health to take control of the situation .

You need to do everything you can to reclaim your health for the purposes of this discussion .

I'm gonna break down fitness into two broad categories .

Those two broad categories are physiological and neurological .

The physiological are things like endurance , strength , power , stamina .

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The neurological are things like flexibility , balance and skill .

Let's cover these various types of fitness , endurance exercise or cardio for men with Ed .

This can be a very important form of exercise for two reasons .

Men with Ed often have compromised vasculature , compromised circulatory systems and cardio can help you improve the health of your cardio respiratory system .

It also stimulates the growth of mitochondria and mitochondria , the powerhouses of the cell .

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And if you have more of them , you're gonna have better metabolism , this strength and power , putting them together here for this discussion , but they're not exactly the same thing , but strength and power helped develop muscular , strength and muscular strength is an important element in moving well and avoiding injuries .

The stronger you are generally the easier it is to adapt to any kind of exercise .

Another benefit of strength and power training is that it can potentially stimulate the production of testosterone and men with ed often have low testosterone levels .

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The neurological components of fitness , I think the primary one that I want to talk about is joint mobility , which is more commonly known as flexibility and this is a neurological problem .

The reason why you don't have good flexibility has nothing to do with the tissues of your muscles , has nothing to do with your tendons .

What it has to do is with your brain not allowing you to move into certain positions .

This is a very complicated topic .

I'm not gonna discuss all the nuances it but uh it , it is a neurological element of fitness .

Now , why do you need to be flexible ?

A lot of people don't care if they're flexible but flexibility allows you to move .

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Well , if you move well , it's easier to exercise .

If you're moving efficiently , that will help you to avoid injuries , there's nothing worse .

Then starting an exercise program , you're just getting into it , everything's falling into place , then you get an injury and you have to start all over again , you lose momentum .

And the next thing you know , you're six months down the road and you're not exercising .

There are other elements of neurological fitness .

One of them is balance .

Some people have great balance .

I have marginal balance in my opinion .

So I do balance training again .

You need good balance in order to move well in the world , the better your balance , the more efficient your movements and the less likely you are to get injured .

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I would also point out that there is a neurological element to Ed , not for every man but for some men .

And by addressing the elements of neurological fitness , you may be addressing neurological problems that are contributing to your Ed .

I wanted to wrap this discussion up with a little bit about high intensity interval training .

Hiit training for short .

Now , as the name suggests this high intensity and it's promoted as a way for men to increase their testosterone levels .

And the data does seem to support that claim .

However , I think most men and particularly most men with Ed are not fit enough to enter into a high intensity interval training program .

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My upcoming videos will focus on what men can do to prepare their bodies so that they can participate in high intensity interval training .

I'll be focusing on strength , power and mobility .

So stay tuned until the next video .

Thank you for watching and goodbye .


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