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2024-07-04 09:59:36

Dr.Berg On Identifying Type 1 Diabetes – Insulin And Potassium Relationship

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Hey .

It's me again .

In this video , we're gonna talk about a special , situation with diabetes type 1 .

Okay ?

And potassium .

There's a kind of a rare situation in which your potassium levels in your blood go too high with diabetes type 1 .

I wanna explain how that works .

Insulin controls potassium in the cell .

So if you have more insulin , there'll be more potassium that goes in the cell .

Now , if you have insulin resistance , it's not gonna go in the cell because it's blocked .

Okay ?

But normally , insulin drives potassium in the cell where it should be stored .

98% of all your potassium in your body is inside the cell , not outside the cell or even in your blood .

You only have 2% in your blood .

So in diabetes type 1 , where you don't 2% in your blood .

So in diabetes type 1 , where you don't have enough insulin , k , because you have to inject yourself , that means that you can't drive the potassium in the cell anymore .

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So inside the cell , you're gonna have very low amounts of a potassium test .

And it checks all the minerals .

But I think that's very important because if you go to the doctor and you get your blood tested , and it's high , that doesn't necessarily mean , it's high in the cell .

Okay ?

It means it's high in the blood .

Why ?

Because you don't have enough insulin to drive it in the cell .

So we have this situation where the cell is starving of potassium , but it's all just loaded up in the blood .

It's called hyper too much calemia or potassium .

It's rare .

Only 1% of the , people in the hospital have it .

More commonly , it's hypo calemia , low potassium .

But it's very rare , and it but it can happen , especially if you're taking massive quantities of potassium in your type 1 , and your your body is just not working .

It's not able to drive it in the cell .

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I mean , the symptoms are palpitations , muscle pain , muscle weakness , numbness .

I highly , it's highly unlikely that you're gonna get this condition from consuming vegetables .

Okay ?

Even if you had 7 to 10 cups of vegetables a day .

It's usually if you're doing massive amounts of like 5000 , 10000 milligrams of potassium .

So I just wanna bring your awareness up that if you're a diabetic type 1 , potentially , your potassium could rise and you could have a problem , especially if you're trying to increase it .

And then you should just know that that's the function of insulin is to drive potassium in the cell .

But because you don't have enough , it's not going in the cell , creating a situation .

Okay ?

So , again , I think the most important thing to do is if you have any of these symptoms and if you're concerned about it , get a blood test .

See if it is high .

It might not be .

But definitely also get an intracellular test to measure how much potassium and other minerals are inside the cell because that's that'll give you more data .

Alright ?

Thanks for watching .

Hey .

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I just wanted to take a moment to thank you personally .

There's so many of you that have gotten this book and the feedback that you're giving me is mind blowing .

Thank you so much .

I really appreciate it .

And if you wouldn't mind , I have 1 quick favor .

To put your unbiased review on Amazon , I would really appreciate it .

Thank you so much .

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