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2023-08-23 16:38:27

How to Rank #1 on Google in 3 Minutes in 2023

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I've had a lot of success with this method .

I'm about to show you , I'm gonna show you with easy tools , right ?

Google Chat , G BT and text dot net .

I'm gonna show you how to take a website of local business and make it better , make it rank higher in Google .

I've seen results really quick .

So let's just find a random website .

Uh best roofing company in Florida .

Let's grab this one .

Let's see what it looks like .

It looks legit looks nice .

Florida seems nice , especially for Maryland this time of year .

What are we going to do ?

Take the URL ?

Let's pretend I'm the owner of RBS and I want to compete against this and that and everyone else .

I want to be the top dog .

How do I be the top dog ?

You take it , take your URL , push it to text there .

Go .

Now we have all of these awesome words on the screen .

What are we gonna do with it ?

We're gonna go , boom , we're gonna grab , grab , grab down to , we don't want that stuff .

That's all the uh reviews .

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We don't want reviews , but we want the bulk of it .

We're gonna say this .

Can you make this better ?

Right .

We don't have to , we don't have to overthink this .

Can you make it better and watch as that's working .

We're going to do a few things .

Check this out , new roofs , roof repairs , shingles , tile roofs , metal roofs , stone coated steel , blah , blah , blah .

We're going to get ready .

It made it better .

Cool .

Very cool .

Now we're going to say make it even better .

Use these uh URL S as rich anchor , text through out the home page and build out the services sections too .

All right .

Boom .

Grab one , grab another .

Did I get that one already ?

I try to do this fast .

I like working fast .

It's fun for me to work it fast .

It's like a video game .

Uh Maybe something you feel the same way .

Uh Let's see here .

Oh , let's just call it that good .

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And here we go .

Here's my revised blah , blah , blah .

Will it do it ?

Will it do our hyperlinks ?

I don't see him yet .

Let's wait .

So , so far .

Let's just let that rod .

We took this .

All right .

Stay local .

Verify insurance .

Be check experience .

Let's see what this looks like .

That's terrible .

So what we're gonna do is we're going to say use Markow and build it out better .

Oh , all right .

Here we go .

Let's see what it does .

We have the title .

Welcome to RBS .

Ruin .

Wonderful .

Our services .

New Roofs .

Love it .

There .

It is people there .

It is , there .

It is .

That's what we want .

What is this website lacking ?

It's lacking internal or is that an internal leak ?

They have it , they have it but they don't have the words to go along with the keywords , right ?

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So they're talking about your local roofing company of Florida State , local verify licenses and insurance check experience .

Then they have links out to the residential , new roofs and roof repairs .

But what if you were to also complement these with all these keywords in here ?

Then all of a sudden the sco for this page is increased .

You could have this portion , right ?

You could have this whole portion under here somewhere .

You can leave that alone .

Just make sure you were bulking out your pages with words .

Let's do a different portion of this .

Let's do commercial .

Let's see what they have for commercial uh new roofs , roof repair , great .

So new roofs , uh commercial services .

Let's go to text .

Let's see what texts can do with this .

Here we go .

Now , remember the goal here is to rank higher on Google .

We need more keywords to rank higher .

A lot of your competitors if you're local business are not doing this and if you're an seo you can take these tactics , right ?

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And you can help your clients have helped a lot of people with this .

It really , really works .

Uh Here we go .

Let's just see .

We're taking all this madness .

From text and we're going to say , make it better .

So this is the main page for commercial Roof and services .

It , it , it , it can be better because we don't have the keywords yet .

We don't have the keywords here .

We just have uh you know , the pictures and the hyperlinks .

So build out a new page .

Uh Commercial roofing , use this as inspiration .

I'd like to capitalize if feel like chai bt knows what I'm saying better .

Uh Here we go , boo boo boo .

Um Let's see here .

Let's just see what it does .

Let's just see what it does .

Good .

Go , go go new roofs .

We have the keywords .

I love it .

I love it and what I can do in the meantime , I can iterate .

I can iterate do exactly what we did before , right ?

Where did it go ?

Commercial roofing right here .

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I'm gonna exit out all these boom , boom , boom , boom .

I'm gonna grab these .

Click on , learn more , learn more , learn more , learn more , learn more , learn more good .

Here we go .

I gotta say rewrite .

I might as well just put cap blocks on rewrite and use these as Rich Acre uh text throughout .

Oop , here we go .

Let's just see if it can do it again .

Do it well again , right ?

Uh oh let's just do this one .

Oop .

Here we go .

Moving on , moving on , moving fast , moving fast .

Because if you move fast and you move uh well , you're doing the right things .

You make more money .

All right .

Let's see if we could do it .

BT .

Let's go .

There we go .

So all of a sudden we taken a good website that's ranking pretty high .

OK .

RBS Construction has 201 reviews really , really good .

They're in that three pack .

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But how could they consistently retain their position is by building out the pages better ?

Right .

We have to do a better job of showing Google the keywords .

Now , there's other tricks .

I have a video .

Look at that .

Look at this commercial .

Roofing is the title .

This is an H two H two H two .

They all link .

If I click this link , listen to me , this goes boo to the real live link .

It's awesome .

Now , what if we want to do one more thing ?

Let's just look at the website , let's say about us .

People love about us .

If you have a local business , people absolutely love about us , they're gonna go here .

They're gonna learn about people they're gonna learn about .

I don't know any of these people .

By the way , I'm not in Florida .

I'm in Maryland .

Uh build this page out better and take into consideration the previous uh things we've talked about .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

This is the about us page quote and here we go .

Let's see what it does .

Can it do anything better ?

Can it do anything better ?

So right now we have , let's just compare .

It's really good .

Let's compare .

So it's , it's the people's faces , which is awesome .

People love people's faces but this is pretty , pretty sparse .

It , it should be built out more and all of a sudden you have four times the amount of content .

How do we make it better ?

Well , I wanna see .

Look at this , let's look at the site map .

Uh , oh , capital letters usually .

Is it gonna break ?

Try .

Good .

I could push it through .

Scream and Frog will cite back .

Bet work .

No , it won't .

Service areas .

Let's do this .

Let's do this .

Holy moly .

Look at all their service areas .

Oh , man .

I don't know if that's uh jeez .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

The was , I don't even know what to say about this .

This is stuff I used to see like 10 years ago interested but they are , they do have links for some of them .

Um Which II , I do service areas for local pages .

I certainly do .

I think this is wonderful .

Uh But that many is a lot .

Um But it's working for them .

It's working for them .

Uh Nonetheless , we could take these , we could say rewrite and talk about each of these areas and their unique aspects pertaining to this business and the about US page .

Hey , boo .

So here we go .

We're gonna take just some counties .

I just want more keywords .

That's , that's what I'm after .

I want to do it quickly to show you this is not rocket science .

I want to empower local businesses because oftentimes local businesses are on a pretty heavy uh budget , right ?

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So to respect that you can use these tools and uh make your life better , get more clients , get more clients for sure .

Uh Here we go .

It last , let's see if it does a great job .

All right , let's kind of do on a new page , but nonetheless , it didn't work it into the about us , but this is super cool .

So if you have a main uh here we go .

This could be the replacement for this page service areas .

We service Orlando , Florida and many surrounding counties .

Then they have just like the site map , html site map .

What we could do is we could talk about each county here , right ?

And then you could take whichever ones do have real live links of this one and this one just for example , purposes , I'll show you , uh we write this section and include these as a rich acre of text where relevant .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So we're just like I said before , iterated on this concept .

Take the URL s have chat , have chat C BT , do the work for you .

Um Let's see if we could do it .

So that would be under two specific counties .

Orange Lake and Seminole County .

So if it's smart , it will put it under that county .

Well , let's see .

That didn't work at all .

So what are we gonna do ?

Rewrite this section ?

Here we go .

So , when you are struggling with chat G BT , sometimes what I do is here .

I gotta grab exactly what I like .

Right .

So it knows it's not gonna get confused hopefully to talk about .

So we're gonna put it on the tail end .

Uh Let's see here .

Let's copy this , copy , copy , copy .

Is it , bear with me ?

Yeah , let's go .

Let's see if it works .

Here we go .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

All right .

Good , good , good , good , good .

It skipped .

So it didn't do the hyper leaks , right ?

So we failed on there .

We could probably wrestle with it more .

The point is and we'll come back to see how it uh see how it does .

But the point is if you want to rank higher with your local business , you need more keywords .

Oftentimes the home page , especially of a website like this one still yet is pretty sparse .

There needs to be more bulk to it and words are the bulk of a website .

That's what Google grabs a hold of .

Right .

Of course , local businesses , the , the , the reviews matter so much .

Um But nonetheless , this is how you use chat BT four or this is 3.5 .

Um If you like this video , make a master class on a lot of different things pertaining to seo optimized content .

If you want to join the one trillion sub club , I'm trying to get one trillion subs in 2023 .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Uh I also , we are rolling out an alpha , um A I content tool if you want to check that out .

Um , there's a video on that , but nonetheless , appreciate you and I'll see you on the next one .


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