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2024-01-23 19:58:46

Ram Mandir - The Untold Truth about Ram's Exile _ Dhruv Rathee

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for a simple meal .

hello friends .

recently , on 22nd january , a new ram temple has been inaugurated .

where life was established .

praand means life or life .

pratistha means establishment .

this is the ceremony where the idol is installed .

it has been discussed over the last few weeks in the media and the and many controversies have arisen here .

some political parties and four main shankaracharyas did not attend this event .

let's understand these things in today's video .

but along with that , i would like to use this opportunity to discuss the qualities of shri ram in this video .

because it is easy to take the name of ram .

but shri ram's values and values are different .

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i have already made two videos on ramayana .

in the first one , i had talked about how some people try to justify ravan and secondly i was talking about the allegations that are made against ram by some people that how he killed shudra shambukh how he left sita ji i presented a lot of evidence that uttarakand is a later edition in ramayan and i also talked about the history of ramayan .

is ramayan based on a true story or is it just a literary work ?

you can find the link to both the videos in the description below .

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in this context , in today's video , i would like to tell you about the qualities of shri ram and how it can change your life and it doesn't matter whether you are a hindu , muslim , sikh , christian , buddhist , jain , parsi or atheist and as always , i will quote the sources of the original valmiki ramayan but before going on that , let's talk about this event who went to this inauguration ceremony , who didn't and why ?

bjp's senior leaders lk advani and murli manohar joshi they were the biggest leaders of the ram mandir agitation movement since 1990 big leaders .

but he didn't come in this life-saving manner .

the general secretary of the ram temple trust told the reporters that considering their age and age , they were told not to come to this inauguration .

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on the other hand , the bollywood celebrities katrina kaif , rohit shetty , ranbir kapoor , alia bhatt were given a special invitation .

many political parties got an invitation but many rejected it for different reasons .

for example , cpim's general secretary , sitaram yechuri i said religion is an individual choice of every individual .

we respect and we safeguard .

he said that the indian constitution and the supreme court has clearly said that the government cannot be affiliated with any particular religion .

so on the basis of secularism , he rejected this invitation .

uddhav thackeray of shiv sena , who got the invitation only two days before the event , also through a speed post .

he rejected it aur unke party member sanjay raut ne kaha ki bjp ram ko worship karte hai lekin raj ravan ki tare karte hai unhone kaha ki wo ayodhya jaate rehte hai aur aage bhi jayenge lekin 22nd january ke is din wo nashik me kaala ram mandir gaye wo mandir jaha mana jata hai ki bhagwan ram , laxman aur sita ji apne exile ravind .

he said that he goes to ayodhya and he will go on .

but on the 22nd january he went to the kalaram temple in nashik .

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that temple where it is believed that lord ram , lord lakshman and lord sita had stayed during their exile .

many leaders of the congress party were invited but they rejected this invitation saying that the temple is half-finished and it's inauguration is being done .

the main reason behind rejecting this invitation was that bjp is politicizing this event .

in the name of ram , election politics is happening .

some people praised this stance saying that congress took a good decision but on the other hand some people said that it was a political blunder .

but the point of inaugurating this incomplete temple was also raised by shankaracharya .

it's almost 1200 years ago that half of shankaracharya had established four principal maths in four directions .

these were the uttarakhand , gujarat , karnataka and odisha of today .

each math had a chief priest who was called shankaracharya .

so four maths and four shankaracharyas .

none of these four did attend this event .

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the entire shankaracharya , nishalanda saraswati said that this ceremony was not according to hindu scriptures .

shankaracharya avimuktesh svaranand saraswati , who is the shankaracharya of uttarakhand math , explained this .

avimukte shavraanan saraswati this is because they could not see the violations of scriptures in front of their eyes .

that is why they did not attend the ceremony .

but because of the one decision they made it cell tried to defame them on social media .

fake news were spread against them and some accounts considered them to be hindu opponents .

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look at these photos , some accounts shared these photos on social media saying that these shankracharyas went to ajmer sharif , they went to the places of the muslims , so they are anti hindus .

is present in everything .

so , is he hindu , is he muslim , is he brahmin , is he shudra ?

everything is a representation of brahma .

so , according to adi shankracharya's philosophy , it doesn't make any difference whether you go to the shankracharya's mosque , gurudwara or go to the church .

god resides everywhere .

but the second point here is that this news was fake .

a person named arvind guru who had gone with shankracharya said that this was not a muslim place .

it was a hindu ashram .

this was the court of ramdev pir , which is considered to be an incarnation of krishna .

this is the photo of that court where ramdev pir is considered to be the incarnation of krishna .

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during an interview with karan thapar , shankracharya was asked the same question from swami abhimuktesh varanand saraswati .

he said that he had never been to ajmer , so how can ajmer be decent ?

i.t .

cell and godi media have declared pm modi a greater hindu than these shankracharyas .

some even call him the incarnation of vishnu .

but pm modi has also gone to the dargah .

has he become a muslim ?

to defame these shankracharyas , another fake news was spread that they had taken rs .

5 lakhs to invade this inauguration .

bhida hindu ghosht kar diya hai .

kuch toh unhe vishnu ka avtar bhi kette hai .

lekin pradhan mantri modi bhi toh dargah gaye hain .

kya wo musalman ban gaye karke ?

ek dosri farji khabar phalaayi gaye in shankracharya ko badnaam karne ke liye ki inonne 5 lakh rupee liye the , iss inauguration ke invitation ko reject karne ke liye .

is khabar me na koi sar tha , na koi pair , na koi sabut .

a.k.a.r.a.r.a.n .

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why would you use fake news without any proof to defame shankracharya ?

one thing is clear from this , friends .

in today's era , if you disagree with any decision taken by bjp or pm modi and speak your opinion in front of the public , then you won't be spared from being abused and insulted .

who's a hindu ?

who's an anti-hindu ?

there are a lot of people who want to share his certificates .

and the interesting thing is that they don't care about ram .

they just want to play politics in ram's name .

if you ask them about ram's principles , they won't have any information .

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was a bloodthirsty , short tempered , pious egomaniac , ruthless king who killed millions of people .

he killed many tribes at once .

but in contrast to this , there is a story of lord ram in ramayan .

when ram was about to become king , there was a wave of happiness in the entire ayodhya .

but ram's stepmother , kaikeyi , demanded that instead of ram , her son would be the king of bharat .

and ram would have to go to the jungle for 14 years to live .

ayodhya kaan chapter 18 , shlok 41 .

itiv tasya purushram vadantyaam , nachaevaram privishesh shokam .

yaani ki kekayi ke shabdh bahut harsh the .

lekin ram ye sunkar naraz nahi huye .

unhe koi dukh nahi hua is baat ka .

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waha par saade 3.5 gante ki ram katha , saral bhaasha mein audiobook ke form mein maujood hai .

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cuckoo fm ek badi audio learning ka platform hai jaha par naa sirf religion par wala ki science , history , geography , politics , har tare ke topics par audiobooks aapko sunne ko milenge .

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the next shloka is chapter 19's first shloka .

not only do you lose your crown , but you are also told to go to the jungle for 14 years for your exile .

this will anger many people but ram wasn't even angry .

compare this with ashok who killed his brothers to gain power .

the same thing aurangzeb did .

he killed his brother dara shikoh to become the king .

the people of ayodhya were already in support of ram .

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if ram wanted , he could have said that injustice is happening with me .

it's not my fault but i am being sent to the jungle .

if he wanted , he could have become the king by putting kaikeyi and bharat in jail .

but he didn't do that .

it is worth noting that the people of ayodhya were in full support of ram .

it is written in chapter 17 that they wanted to see ram become king .

and they didn't want more than that .

and what is the reason behind this ?

shlok 15 says that ram was so virtuous .

he had compassion for everyone .

but ram decided in a very calm and peaceful manner that he would go to the jungle .

chapter 19 , shlok 20 says that what is ram saying to kaikri ?

i don't like wealth .

i want to go like a saint .

whose faith is only in his religion and his ethics .

i want to see this world in love .

getting power for ram didn't mean that the world is at my feet .

getting power for him meant that he could serve the people .

but today , people's behaviour is the opposite .

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people shamelessly say that they are addicted to power .

there is no problem in falling to any limit to get power .

chapter 19 , sloke 24 i think you didn't have much faith in me .

so here we get a simple lesson of humility , compassion and forgiveness .

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if you lost something by saving your morality , then what did you lose ?

and if you lost your morality and got something , then what did you get ?

if you liked this video , then you'll like my previous video on valmiki ramayan .

you can click here and watch it .

thank you very much .

copyright© osho international foundation , switzerland

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