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2024-07-03 07:52:52

Sodium Sensitivity is a Potassium Deficiency

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Wanna talk about the dangers of too much salt or too much sodium .

Okay ?

We have heart disease .

We have high blood pressure .

We have stroke , edema , increased mortality .

Sounds pretty scary .

Right ?

Well , these things occur not for the reason you think .

I mean , the question is , is it really too much sodium ?

Is that what's causing the problem ?

In reality , our body tends to hold sodium if there's a potassium deficiency .

In fact , there's something called salt sensitivity where the body is retaining sodium , but the reason why you retain sodium and therefore water , is because you have a potassium deficiency .

This is something that's really overlooked and not talked about too much .

We're so focused on sodium , we kinda forget about this other mineral called potassium , but sodium potassium always work together in the body .

It's kinda like a teeter totter .

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The requirements for sodium per day are 23 100 milligrams , but the requirements for potassium are 47100 .

That's actually more than double .

So this ratio is really , really important .

Okay .

2 to 1 , twice as much potassium as sodium .

And guess what ?

You will no longer be salt sensitive .

In fact , the symptoms of this excess sodium will disappear when you increase your potassium .

You see the majority of the population has this problem of too much sodium and not enough potassium .

Okay ?

They don't consume enough greens .

They eat a lot of processed foods .

You get your sodium from junk foods , refined foods , and restaurant foods .

Very few people ever consume enough potassium foods .

Right ?

They think if I have a banana a day , that's gonna do it .

A banana has about 300 milligrams .

Now remember , you need 47100 .

Okay ?

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You'd have to have , you know , more than 12 bananas , and then you're gonna get all the sugar , which is not gonna happen .

So you have this situation where people are just really heavy on the sodium , but very , very low on the potassium , and this is where we have the problem .

On top of that , okay , 38% of the population has a genetic , variation with a certain gene called the ACE gene , which means that gene is overactive , which means they're gonna be more salt sensitive when they have more sodium , and they're gonna have more blood pressure because of that .

This simple solution is just to increase your potassium , especially if you have this gene problem , and not do what everyone else is doing by reducing their sodium , reducing their salt , going on a low salt diet .

Because now they have a situation where they're low in sodium and low in potassium .

And that's even worse because they're gonna be going around so tired .

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You need both sodium potassium for something called the sodium potassium pump .

Okay ?

In fact , all of your cells have this pump .

This is what activates the nerves .

This is what activates the muscles .

And when you're deficient in these key electrolytes , boy , you get all sorts of issues with the heart , like arrhythmias .

You get tired , you feel weak , and all you need to do is increase the sodium and potassium , but in the right ratios .

And the real problem is a potassium deficiency .

Low potassium causes the retention of sodium , And this is where you have all the problems with the heart , with the blood pressure , with hardening of the arteries , with increased risk of arrhythmias and stroke .

Potassium is not retained like sodium is .

So when we have a lot of potassium , it's easily eliminated through the kidneys , unless you have like stage 5 kidney disease , which is very rare .

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However , sodium is much more retained , especially if you have low potassium .

So this is probably a common cause of , leg cramps as well .

So we do need sodium .

Okay .

We need sufficient amounts , but we need a lot more potassium .

Now to really learn about how to get more potassium through your foods , this is the next video you should watch right here .

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