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2024-07-02 08:15:22

Importance Of Potassium For Your Healthy Body – Dr. Berg

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Hi , guys .

In this video , we're gonna talk about why potassium is so important in to your body .

Okay ?

The more deficient you are in potassium , the more the pancreas has to pump out insulin .

So it puts a lot more stress on the pancreas .

And if you're diabetic , this is not a good thing .

So potassium is the nutrient that is needed the most in the body .

You need close to 5 1 , 000 milligrams .

Potassium is a mineral , and you need large amounts of it .

It's needed in almost every single cell , for energy because there's a pump in the cell that generates energy .

And if you're deficient in potassium , you are gonna be tired .

Potassium is also needed to make muscle protein .

It's needed to make other types of protein as well .

It's also used to store glucose as glycogen , which basically is a string of glucose molecules in a chain , but each molecule of glucose needs potassium .

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And so all the cells have glycogen except the brain and the red blood cell .

Okay ?

And that's why your brain is dependent on how much sugar is in blood .

And if there's not enough sugar in your blood , it will create , all sorts of symptoms like , fatigue and moodiness and , mainly kind of brain fog .

Now , junk food depletes potassium .

Okay ?

It's very heavy on sodium , but very low on potassium .

Adrenal stress , which means high cortisol , will also deplete potassium .

The combination of both is not good .

Insulin resistance , which is a prediabetes , and diabetes will block your ability to absorb potassium because 1 of the functions of insulin is to help absorb potassium .

So if you have insulin resistance , you're not going to absorb it .

So now you the requirement is even higher .

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But by taking potassium , getting it from the diet , you can decrease the need for , insulin and help someone that has diabetes .

So if you're insulin resistant or you're diabetic and you're not consuming enough potassium , you're probably not gonna overcome the blood sugar situation .

Okay .

So what's the significance of this ?

It means that our bodies require a large quantity of vegetable , okay , to be healthy .

So if you're a prediabetic or diabetic and you're consuming maybe 1 cup of vegetable per day , that's not gonna cut it .

And , also , if you're taking a supplement that has 99 milligrams of potassium , it's not gonna even come close .

You would have to consume about , what , 47 pills a day .

So because insulin is involved in so many problems health wise , to be healthy , you must consume minimally 7 cups to 10 cups of vegetables or salad every single day .

K .

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There's just no shortcuts .

So so now you know what to do , so go ahead and do it .

Hey , guys .

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