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2023-12-12 03:44:38

Do NOT Use This 'Free' AI Voice Changer

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I know most of y'all are obsessed with turning your voice into a cute girl .

We've already suggested a few free tools for you to get started .

But in case you're still looking , this video is a bit different today .

I want to warn you of a tool that you should not use .

If you type in A I voice changer on Google .

There it is .

This is the first result .

The tool is called voice A I and you can't blame them for being first .

I mean their name voice A I is just perfect for Seo Plus , if you're on youtube , you might have noticed a ton of gurus out there have promoted this product before .

Now .

I almost never bash a product because I understand the founder and the developers , they spent a lot of time and effort to build it and it's hard to launch a start up .

But if you're going to use misleading marketing and false advertising , then I got to say something to warn my brothers and sisters out there .

So what's wrong with voice A I ?

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Well , first of all , if you go to their website , there's no transparency on the pricing the only button you see is get started for free .

Also , these gurus kept emphasizing that it is indeed free .

Well , I downloaded it to see if that's the case .

Once you install it and open it , you get 5000 coins to start with , which might seem like a lot .

Next thing we need to do is pick a voice which we want to use .

Well , guess what one voice costs .

Well , over 4000 coins , which means you only get to try one voice for free .

And if one voice isn't low enough , guess what , you can only record for 15 seconds .

Plus your export would contain a watermark .

Basically , there's nothing free about this .

They lure you into downloading and installing this and then they bait you with some free coins , but they give you an almost unusable free trial to continue .

You have to pay for more credits .

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Now , instead of Googling A I voice changer .

If you Google Voice A I reviews , you can see a lot of negative reviews on trustpilot .

Some of them claim it's really hard to refund or cancel your paid plan .

These ones emphasize the pretty much useless free trial of only 15 seconds at minimum quality .

Now , some comments on trustpilot and Reddit claim that it's a virus or it uses your computer for crypto mining , which I'm not sure if that's true or not .

I , I really don't have the expertise to verify this , but it is a very bulky download and it does use up a lot of bandwidth .

So all things considered , please just save yourself the headache and do not use this and a message to all the gurus out there who have promoted this .

I mean , you have hundreds of thousands of followers who trust your content who subscribe to you at least verify that the tool you're getting paid to advertise is legit and not a scam to your users .

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Now , this seems like a very depressing video .

So let's end on a high note .

If you're new to our channel , actually , we've already introduced some totally free voice conversion tools such as WO AA , which is great for real time voice conversion and also RVC , which is great for cloning voices doing song covers and speech .

It's absolutely free and open source without any limits .

So you don't really need to pay for any of these tools .

And that is all if you found this video helpful , remember to like , subscribe and stay tuned for more content .

Also , we built a site where you can search for all the A I tools out there , check it out at A I dash search dot IO .

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