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2023-08-24 15:34:37

VOX AI Review - Legit Software

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Fox A I Hey there .

Welcome to my VA I review .

This is a new product launch , which lets you create content and convert content that you already have into an audio book or a podcast , things that you can sell in audio format before we dive in .

Just to let you know .

My name is Adam from Web traffic tool kit and I earn a full time income on the Internet with digital marketing , and I've been doing this for over 10 years .

So hopefully my report on VA I taken from my previous experience in Internet marketing will help you out as you do your research before we dive in .

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So VA I is very similar to other product launches I have seen in the A I space , uh , that come out nowadays and it basically lets you take text based content , which already exists .

Or you can use their built in chatbot to create the text .

And then you can convert that text into an audio book or a podcast .

You can even do it as a voiceover for a YouTube video and just repurpose that text based content in lots of different voiceover style content , which you can even use for your own marketing methods .

Or you could resell it as a freelancer on websites such as fibre dot com .

And they also claim there's some built in marketplace as part of Fox A .

I I'm very sceptical about that marketplace claim .

However .

It just seems to let you create a sub domain on the Vox , A I APP website to list eBooks and podcasts and audiobooks and your the products you've created , and it lists a way of you selling them .

But I'm I'm sceptical .

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There's a built in audience in that marketplace .

It just seems you get to create a website where you could potentially sell it , but people are are going to need to find your website , so I don't know where that built in audience of 2.3 million users is coming from .

To be honest , maybe they're referring to a social media site you could share your links to .

Or maybe they're referring to fiver dot com , where you could sell your , um , audio files to clients .

Um , so you can also get clients to , um , give you their own , um , text based files and create audio books for them .

That would be the best use of VX a IA .

I , in my opinion , is to create a gig on fiver , saying you can create audio books for people if they give them .

If you if they give you their article or their eBook , you can convert that into an audio book .

That's probably the best use of VX A I .

In my opinion , it's not necessarily for your own Internet marketing ventures .

It's to go on fiver and offer a gig for this type of service .

So this is the members area , and there's different ways of creating the content .

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You can either create it the content from scratch yourself by manually typing it out using chat GP , T and a I .

You could even speak it out yourself .

However , you can also import your content from Microsoft Word You can paste in a URL of a website and it will scrape the website content from that , you can import it from a PDF content .

So if you've got a PDF , um , library of licence rights eBooks which you've got the rights to resell or PLR content and articles , you can upload that in PDF format .

You can use their built in chatbot to create the content by prompting it , and you can even create your own voice recording it , and it will mimic it and convert it to other different languages .

Um , and and formats .

So I like the different ways you can create content and turn it into audio book format .

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I especially like the import from URL part of it because if you've got a blog post on your blog , you can then paste in your blog post URL , and it will give you an audio format of that same blog post , which you could then repurpose on videos on YouTube , for example .

So that's quite a cool way to take existing content and repurpose it in different formats .

So I like the different ways of importing content into Fox A .

I as well as using the chatbot to create it for you .

And then you can select from a range of different voice over artists .

Um , which are a I voices , but they're based on real people , so they sound quite good .

They're not quite natural as though it's a real human speaking , but it's better than your standard robot A .

I voice .

So it's somewhere in between human and robot .

They're quite good , but it's not quite 100% natural .

You can tell the difference .

Um , so you basically just paste in the text and it will convert that into audio format , which you could then use as an audio book .

As an MP free file , you can upload it to , um , convert .

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Use that as audio for a video and upload that to YouTube .

You can upload it to Spotify or podcasting websites , so it depends on how you want to make use of the content .

For me , it's a bit over the top to see this as a really professional audio book generating website , because for a novel or a really interesting information product , it's much better to have an expert or hire a freelancer to manually read it in a natural voice because it's much more natural .

People can tell it's a real person and it's much better connection there .

So it's gonna be obvious .

This is a I voice when someone purchases the audio book .

So it's not gonna be a really high quality professional audio book .

You may get on the audio audible or the main eBook audio book website , but it's just gonna be some useful content that is , consumable , um , by someone on the Internet , and you can justify charging a low price for it , or maybe giving it away for free as a lead magnet to build your list , maybe embedding it on your website or using it in YouTube videos .

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So I think it's good for basic use of the content .

But I don't think it's good for creating a really high quality audio book , Um , that you can sell for a decent amount of money .

I don't think it's at that highest quality standard because basically , it's just converting text into audio voices .

And there's lots of different programmes and software that does that .

There's nothing specific about VA I that specialises in audio books or podcasts , and it doesn't format it specifically for that .

It's simply a text to voice converter , and they claim one of the ways you could use the audio is an audio book or is a podcast .

It's not specifically programmed for that purpose .

It's just a text to voice converter with a range of different A I voices .

So I think it's a useful tool for people who want to convert text into , um , voices .

And they already have a marketing plan .

Um , behind that , it's not the sort of thing , however , you're just gonna magically generate profit without knowing what you're doing .

Um , I'm sceptical about this Built in marketplace .

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It's not just suddenly be people wanting to buy your content .

You're either going to have to create a really good gig on fibre dot com and offer to convert other people's content into audiobooks and podcasts .

Or you're going to use this for content marketing on YouTube with long tail keywords and convert PLR articles and your own articles into lots of different keyword to targeted content .

It's the marketing plan that gets the results , not necessarily the software , but it does look like a pretty cool tool for those who want to make use of these voice A I voiceovers that sound quite natural , Not quite human , Um , but much better than a robot type voice .

Hopefully , my ramblings were of help with Fox .

A I What I like to do with my Internet marketing to build a full time income online is to focus on list budding getting traffic to squeeze pages , building that email list and then sending out daily emails to get clicks to affiliate sales pages day in , day out .

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And it was that focus and consistency , which took me from struggling for a couple of years to the stage of earning a full time income online quite consistently .

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