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2024-02-07 05:13:30

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I can record and we don't have a ton of items to get to , uh and I might be able to do one that might be fun if we have a little bit of time .

Um So corporate events , uh they , I think I saw a little , I put this in , in slack and I saw a little bit of uh kind of noise around it , which was good .

Um You know , the , the nutshell here is as we've kind of restructured and tried different things .

Um The event support that we need isn't as nailed down as it needs to be .

Uh So the current tactic that we're going with is go to market team signs up and kind of s sponsors that event .

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So you support as a PM M , your campaign manager does the campaigns for that event , et cetera , et cetera , et cetera .

Uh I don't see anyone in the uh maybe there are comments in the issue .

I don't see the , the header updated yet .

I thought we had in Slack sort of farmed each one of them out .

That's so I guess that the next , so it looks like Thai put in some folks it looks like this looks good .

So that , let's see , need support from GTM teams .

So I guess the ask would be , um , to work with your GTM team .

So , so did , let me ask it , I saw some slack , I think in our Slack .

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But did , did you all , uh , were you all able to connect with like your GTM teams , uh , on Slack only and on the issue actually ?

Yeah , same , not in , not in real time , but , you know , source feedback .

I got one person to respond so far .

So it may end up Cindy being you and I just picking the one that we want to do and then they can back and set up um If we don't get any more feedback .

Yeah .

Do you all um Does anybody have like a , a regular sink still ?

Are those all been canceled or is there in case you still have a regular sick ?

Yeah , we're on like a two week cadence .

Ok .

Yeah , GS has been canceled um after the enablement .

Cool .

So I'm just trying to catch up with the thread .

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Um So it looks like maybe a platform on reinvents C I CD on Google next and gets on coupon .

Does that sound right ?

That's where we were last I heard .

Cool .

So then I think , um I think we can , we can help the Corp events team .

They do , they do a lot of like a cat herding and , you know , keep on tracking people down .

So I think if , if this team can take the mission to , like , try to help track that down .

So , if you , you know , get the commitment specifically from your campaign managers , hey , like we're , we're signing up for a coupon , you know , can you comment on the issue that yes , I can commit to this , et cetera , et cetera , et cetera , you know .

Um So that just so that they can get that , that event support , but that looks good .

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And I appreciate uh thanks for the link too , Sonia on the roles ah product announcements .

So I appreciate you Brian for adding this .

I uh I probably should have added it , but I had two questions about that .

11 is over .

What time frame are we looking at ?

So uh so in theory , this is this could be the same as the lab 14 launch where we're saying basically since 13.0 what has , you know , what kind of big improvements have we made ?

Um Candidly , this is always a little bit tough and I'm and I'm , I am not totally sure of all of the kind of the interplay here .

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But I think I think this is kind of the general gist of this assignment is OK , we have commit coming up , we have some amount of like we have a stage of , you know , a metaphorical stage to say something to the world and we'll get some amount of press attention because we're having an event , right ?

What kind of announcements do we make ?

Um at GIT lab , it's really , really tough to make product announcements because our entire roadmap is completely public , yada , yada yada .

So the thought here is to , but also because our entire road map is completely public and because we ship these tiny little NBC S and a new feature will come out , but it'll be not really usable , right ?

So it takes a while .

So if you look back over the past year and say , OK , like what started in the last year , but now is really like a full fledged feature .

What would , what would be coming out of beta , right ?

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Like if we were any other company , when we started a beta program in this last year , what would we be announcing is G A at commit ?

That's kind of , that's kind of my thought on it .

I see a couple of head nos .

What do you think , Sydney ?

Yeah , I think I was inclined to group some things to say like vulnerability management because there were tiny little MV CS all the way along .

But if you look at over the course of the year we went from this to this , it makes more sense to me to highlight that than in any individual little thing .

And then the other point was we just had 14.0 can we just , can we reuse some of those things and plug them in ?

Here .

Absolutely .

Yeah .

Yeah .

And vulnerability management was , was one of the , you know , the features out of we , we looked at 14.0 .

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So I think , yeah , this is like , let's take the stuff from 14.0 and then maybe add a few more so that we can hit kind of different areas of press or give , give our pr team .

This is kind of like input into our pr team to give them fodder to go out with .

And are we trying to hit three per stage ?

I , yeah , ideally , there's just , you know , three , you know , uh three items per stage .

And then I think y'all made some good notes that OK , we need to add manage .

So I see manage in here .

That's excellent .

Um And uh integrations we don't , well , actually we have some pretty exciting integration .

So we have the , the Jira stuff is pretty good .

There's a couple of things in uh integrations with VS code that could be notable , but I can I show what I did for SCM just to get some general feedback on it .

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And if someone hasn't done it , maybe that will also kick I was going Cindy's direction here , which was uh thinking , you know , a lot of , and then I call them key iterations , the sort of specific things .

So I listed a few specific things like three or four per each as key iterations , but I called them something overall .

So we would have like one thing to call them .

Uh There are several key iterations aligned with uh giddily cluster , uh several that roll up to a research based user experience .

And I was thinking like I , I was shy and calling out UX as , as a bucket except that actually that's , that's super typical , right ?

Like Windows 11 or anybody who's rolling stuff out , they almost always have UX as one of their three things and then they mentioned a laundry list of stuff that aligns to that .

Um So I , I , you know , forgave myself , uh , for doing something .

At first , I was kind of like shy about calling out UX and , and bucketing some things there .

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But actually , when I looked around , that's pretty much how everybody does , um , a big launch and in terms of the excitement level that also , like I went in thinking this is just a two , I guess part of it is like , I feel like we're almost fixing something that's broken and that's not something you want to shout from the rooftops about , but actually some of that stuff is really cool .

So I gave it a three excitement level .

I wasn't sure exactly where to place things .

Um , but I figured I wouldn't , uh like the Cindy's comment have something that's one here anyway .

But I , the only way I could make sense of like the iterations was to , to bucket them with something .

And , uh , so that's kind of how I came down on it .

I don't know what everyone thinks about that .

Yeah , I , I realize that I know I've done a similar , I've taken a similar approach for monitor .

Um with incident management , there were a bunch of things that we released .

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Um Although the core of incident management was part of 12 dot X , I think so .

Um I did the same over there as well .

Yeah , I think that makes sense .

Yeah .

and that , that would help me with the planned stuff as well because there are some things like epic boards that people have been asking for for years now and they finally have and that's great .

But um I think , you know , like the the milestone burn up charts that that was a two and that's , that's helpful and I was looking through features and you know , a actual monthly features that were released in a given month .

I mean , that was one of the more important ones , but it's not very exciting , but we can bundle that with some other things and , and , and up level it so that that would be helpful there .

And also Brian about the VS code thing .

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One other cool thing about that is both of those VS code integrations that hit the same month were um community contributions , which is also kind of cool is , is that , is , do we have VS code listed on here ?

I didn't add it but I can , I can add that in I've got good notes on that .

The extension that had been around for a while became official was kind of one of the things , but there's some other stuff that's a little juicier than that and that , I think that's a , that's a pretty good note as well .

Um We did that with like our , our terraform module right .

There was like a community module but now it's officially supported .

So that's , that's the , you know , that can be the line , yes or no , whether you can use the thing uh for a lot of businesses .

So I think that's a good one too .

How are we measuring excitement levels ?

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12 and three is there ?

I was , I was looking at um maybe ma U as a metric to perhaps measure whether customers have started using that are interested in using that or not .

Uh We probably may not have it for everything , but at least some of it wherever we have it is it , it's probably something we can , we can use .

Yeah , but we , of course , we need a benchmark level of what MA U we wanna call .

12 or three .

I , I think it's a little , it's a little bit of a judgment call like um you know , for example , Cormac was saying , uh like Epic boards is something that was asked for for a long time .

Now , depending on how it's asked for .

Maybe that means it's exciting or it's not , right .

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Um But uh , usually when something gets a lot of upvotes or when there's a lot of demand for it , then I would , I would bump the excitement level on something like that .

Um , certainly if something shift and a lot of people are using it , the MA U , that's a , that's another good measure .

I don't know that any one of those needs to kind of be exclusive .

I think it's a bit of a , it's a bit of an individual judgment column just like what is , what is your feeling based on , you know , could be anecdotal like you talk to customers and they're like really hyper excited about this or , you know , maybe not , which is , which is OK .

I think it's OK .

Um Harsh responded to my comment about why we have the low excitement ones and just said something about ha having him sort of stack ranked .

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Yeah , I might , I might even constrain this is we're not going to highlight lo segments , but we want to see the full spectrum , especially in the case we have slim pickings alternately uh if they are double digit entries , then we can stack rank .

Um So that's , that's kind of also helpful there .

So if we have three for all of these that , I mean , it looks like we're gonna get there and that's gonna be quite a lot of features .

So um I might constrain it like this .

Maybe you can only give out 112 or three and , and , and treated as a stack rank rather than just like a raw excitement level .

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That doesn't necessarily hard to somebody's one or somebody's 3 may be more important than somebody else's one depending on the and I had um I started by just looking at what was considered a key feature over the past year uh from , from create and , you know , there are at least a dozen things that I'm not mentioning uh that could be on the list , like I could give you 10 things instead of three , give it , give this just like the rough like pass and um like a lot of things recently , I've been moving between docs and spreadsheets and the spreadsheet to docs .

Uh this , you know , this might , this might end up or some iteration of this might end up in a spreadsheet where we then try to stack rank in pr is like , OK , out of all of like the , you know , there's maybe 10 boxes here and three each out of the 30 items which are the top five .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Um Actually , let's just , let's actually just do that , let's just do this like top , top five overall .

We , so this one is apr driven to some degree .

What about like a New and Christie's uh product keynote at commit ?

Are we that tailing this with that ?

So , so this is exactly where this is headed to um is the idea that um during the product keynote and then ideally during Kid Sid's keynote as well that there's some level of like an announcement that we make that then the press cares about that announcement .

Um Again , really tough to do at cl because it's all been around for a while .

So this is this is our attempt to head to that area is to say like these are the announcements of the event and yeah , maybe it's some things that have been around for a while , but like now they're at a level of maturity now , you know , there's , there's a reason to be excited about this .

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So that's kind of where it's coming from .

So I put uh a top five overall .

Maybe we can just uh you know , we should reserve a spot for plan , but I'm gonna have to go through and do some aggregating after this .

Just go through the list of what shift in the last 12 months and re bucket that .

So uh maybe we can do like a five minutes kind of like um just just time box and uh kind of look at these here .

What do you , what do you all think is a top would be a top five out of the list of , you know , 20 or 30 .

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I would say if UX does end up being a , a flag that we fly , that's an easy one because there's more than just maps to the created stage that would be considered UX improvement .

OK .

What else ?

We need to have a security one in there .

We could have either vulnerability management or , um , I was , what I've been struggling with a little bit is I'd like to kind of group the , um , some of this , the proprietary scanning , um , without making it sound like they're scanning improvements because that sounds like they weren't good before .

Yeah , I , let's , let's go with vulnerability management for now .

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II , I would agree on that one and I would say that um , some of these , we did do some press around and the , the fuzzing acquisitions was one thing .

So we might not get that old .

I was , I mean , we did the fuzzing acquisitions a long time ago .

Was it within the past year for longer ?

I thought it was within the past year .

I think it was in the last six , little over six months or so .

It was , it was like last spring or summer and then we did another set of press around the integration of it because the pr team liked all the , I mean , we got a lot of attention on the acquisition .

So they had me do a follow up um on the integration .

I just feel like it's kind of worn out now , but right , that's what I was saying is that the , the fuzzing we already did press on so probably will not get another chomp at that .


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