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2024-07-08 13:46:36

How To Make Money on SproutGigs (Everything Explained)

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In this simple tutorial video , I'm gonna explain how you can make money on Sprout Gigs .

I'm gonna cover all of the different ways inside of the website , and I'll give you my recommendation on what way that you should start to start earning money .

So on Sprout gigs , once you've created your account , you'll be taken first to the gigs page .

Now here on the gigs page , what people can do is they can post gigs like they can on Fiverr and promise to do different things .

So this person will write 25 articles , which are SEO friendly for $4.20 .

Now if you're just starting out and you're trying to make money , you're are not gonna be able to post any gigs because you need to work on the website for a little bit first so you can become an advanced user .

But 1 way you can make money is by posting gigs , obviously , when your accounts got a little bit older , and you can post gigs listing your skills .

Now if you don't currently have any skills and you just want to do very simple jobs , then what I recommend you do is go to micro jobs and go to find jobs .

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And here on micro jobs , Sprout gigs allows you to complete different tasks , and you can then earn money .

So you can see there are 640 jobs currently available .

We're filtering by the most recent , and here are some of these jobs .

So this job here is to subscribe to a YouTube channel , and this will pay 50¢ , and 44 people will be paid out for doing this .

So if we just click on this , and when you have first created your account , you are gonna need to verify .

So make sure you give them the information that they need so you can make money .

I just created this brand new account just for this video .

But anyway , after you've done that and you've clicked on a task , you'll then be able to complete that task .

Now here , this is a new task .

They want people to subscribe to their YouTube channel .

It's an international task , and all you need to do is follow the instructions .

So what we're going to do here is we're going to scroll down .

Do you want to hold this job ?

This basically means that if you hold the job while you're completing the job , you're gonna hold a hold of space .

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Like , there's only 5 spaces left .

Just means people can't complete the job while you're already doing it .

But anyway , what you need to do , you need to go ahead and copy and paste this link in the browser .

Click continue .

Complete the human verification , and then subscribe to their channel .

And once you've done that , you can then submit proof .

And literally all you need to do for proof is just send them a screenshot that shows that you've subscribed to their channel and that you've completed the human verification .

Now how exactly do you get your proof ?

Well , what you can do is you can use different screen capture tools .

Now the most common 1 and what a lot of people use is Lightshot , and you can just download this for Windows .

And I'll just quickly show you how this works because you are gonna need this for all other tasks and if you wanna make money .

So this is useful .

And then what you can do is you can just simply install LightShot here .

Now once you've got that downloaded and installed , if you wanna take a screenshot , you just have to click on print screen on your keyboard .

That will open up this window where you can then select the area to screenshot .

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And then if you go to save you can then save this into your files .

Let's say I want to save it to my desktop Screenshot 2 , save .

Now we've got that saved .

And if we wanted to then upload proof that we've completed the job , and we will go to Sprout gigs , and we will then upload this file here .

And obviously , you will go ahead and find the file on your desktop , and then you would upload it .

And then that's how you would complete the job , and you would submit proof , and you will get paid .

Another way that you can make money on Sprout gigs is with surveys .

So if you go to surveys , you can complete these different surveys and earn money .

Some of these are going to pay you more money than others .

Some of these are gonna be harder to complete , but here you've got 1 that pays out 56¢ .

You can click on it .

It will take you to the survey .

When you complete it , you will then be paid .

Again , surveys aren't the best way to make money , but they do actually pay .

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And if you go through these , you can make some decent money , but it might take you a while .

You've also got offers , and you can go through these different offer walls here and make additional money .

Again , these do pay , but they can take you a while , and this is all based on points here .

And 1 last way that you can make money with Sprout gigs is by referring people to the site .

So if you go to your profile , you then go to share and earn .

You can see here you get a unique referral link , and when someone clicks on that link and signs up , and then they make money , you're gonna earn 5% from every task that they do .

So I I mean , if you wanna make a YouTube video like this showing people around Sprout gigs and put your link in the description , that could be a unique way that you can make passive income .

So those are some ways that you can make money on Sprout gigs .

That was a quick overview .

Let me know if you've got any questions in the comments below .

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