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2024-04-13 11:12:00

Snow Removal Tip For The ROOF _ How To Get Snow Off My Roof

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Welcome back , guys .

Hey .

We're up against getting buried in snow .

So I just wanted to show you guys something that we do , we gotta do , otherwise , roofs collapse .

Right here , you can see my big old wood supply .

You can see the cabin behind behind me .

It just happened to last week , we were dealing with single digits .

It's getting close to 40 .

We had this really warm air come in , and I wanna show you a trick .

If it gets close to 40 , what's gonna happen is you see that snow on the metal right there ?

It's breaking loose .

The metal's warm enough to where it's melting the connection between the snow and the metal .

There's nothing insulating it , so it's really hard to get off here .

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So when you're dealing with this much snow , and this thing doesn't have a super amount of slant on it , typically , it handles itself .

It's on a season three .

You know , it does find it on its own , but when we get a big old dump , I think we got we're sitting at between between 33 inches and 36 right now .

So we got dumped , like , 24 in 1 night .

So it's sitting there just causing weight on this roof .

So I'm gonna show you a quick little tip .

So as you can see , this whole side over here , looking pretty good .

We're gonna go over about 3 to 4 feet and we're gonna start slicing , slicing a line .

Doesn't even have to be very big .

These lines allow it to break loose .

And then you just get it on here , start nudging it .

Little jolts .

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I'm just punching it .

Gone .

That'll give you an idea of how much snow there is there .

But it all just broke loose and it's off .

My structure is not gonna fall apart .

Whether that tip comes in handy or if it's just flat interesting , it's a good little tip .

Hope you enjoyed it .

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