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2024-06-03 08:55:57

5 Reasons Why B12 Is NOT Absorbed By The Body – Dr.Berg

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So today , we're gonna talk about why b 12 is not being absorbed in your body .

Unless you're a vegan , you're getting enough from the diet .

Okay ?

But the problem is usually the absorption , not from the diet .

Here are a few symptoms that a person can experience if they're b 12 deficient .

Depression , paranoia , delusional , dementia , memory loss , pins and needles or numbness in your hands and your feet or any part of the body , anemia , swollen tongue , red tongue , fatigue , weakness , and tremors .

And And there's a lot of other ones as well .

So b 12 is one of the only b vitamins that can be stored in the body .

So it can be stored for several years .

So let's talk about the barrier of absorption .

B 12 is attached to a mineral .

Okay ?

Cobalt .

And it's protein bound .

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So to break this up , you need a very strong protein enzyme called pepsin , which happens to be triggered by acid in your stomach .

In order to activate pepsin , you need a pH between 1 to 3 .

That's extremely acid .

So if you're taking any acids for example , that could be a definite reason why you're deficient in b 12 .

Here's some other reasons .

You could have a condition called atrophic gastritis .

And that's a situation where the stomach is inflamed and the stomach lining is breaking down , maybe from years of consuming bad foods or junk foods or whatever .

Because as soon as you destroy the lining of the stomach , you can't make this acid anymore .

Gastric bypass .

Okay ?

That's another way that it can disrupt the stomach lining affecting the not just the acid but the release of enzymes as well .

Celiac .

K ?

Now that's a problem in the small intestine .

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What happens is that b twelve is normally broken down in the stomach and then absorbed in the small intestine .

But if the lining of the small intestine is damaged , whether you have celiac or Crohn's or IBS , that could be the reason why it's not going in .

Okay ?

And this is another common reason right here .

You just don't have enough stomach acid .

So many people have this problem .

What's the top symptom that they experience ?

Acid reflux .

Why ?

Because the valve at the top of the stomach doesn't close unless this pH is very very acidic .

Okay ?

So there's a sensor in this valve .

And then the acid starts splashing back up .

And you get GERD or acid reflux and you think , oh wow I need an antiacid .

Okay ?

Well , that just takes the stomach acid out and the problem gets worse and worse and worse .

So it's a real easy solution .

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What you do is you take this version of B12 , methylcobalamin , okay , in thousands of micrograms .

So I would suggest maybe 2,000 or maybe 3,000 micrograms of b 12 , this version right here .

And you will see a great improvement in these symptoms right here .

And then don't forget to acidify the stomach with either betaine hydrochloride or apple cider vinegar , or a combination of both .

And you can get them in pills as well .

Now there's one last thing , let's say for example you have these symptoms or some of them and you take the b 12 and you still don't see change .

There's one more thing , it's called the intrinsic factor that's made by your stomach .

This is a factor that helps the absorption of b 12 .

Okay ?

And if you have damage in your stomach , it's very very difficult to absorb b 12 because you just don't have the intrinsic factor .

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There is a product that I know about .

I don't sell it .

Okay ?

You can do a search on it .

It's called ZYPAN .

It has the intrinsic factor in this product .

It's a natural product .

It's from standard process .

I used to use it when I was in practice .

But if you do a search on ZYPAN , okay , and you start taking this , it also has Betaine hydrochloride to help acidify the stomach .

That can help the absorption of b 12 as well .

Alright guys , thanks for watching .

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