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2024-01-17 16:03:11

Make $15,000_Month With TikTok Creativity Program Beta + AI (Easiest Method)

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There's a gold rush going on right now where everyday people are making life changing money with the tiktok Creativity Program .

And today , I'll show you step by step how to replicate those results .

Even if you're a complete beginner , including how to generate hundreds of original tiktoks in just a few minutes , but it won't be this easy for much longer .

So you have to take action starting with picking a niche with a high C PM .

The higher your C PM is , the more money you'll make when you viral .

And there are a few niches right now that are absolutely printing money .

This account posts really simple inspirational videos and they have almost 900,000 followers .

Then there's this account that posts really simple nature videos .

They created this account less than a month ago and they already have 100 and 27,000 followers in a video that has over 36 million views .

But that's nothing compared to the niche that I'll show you later on one where you're guaranteed to have a digital content , which is a requirement to be monetized .

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Some experts recommend it's just stealing content from other platforms like youtube .

Do you think you could steal from us and just walk away ?

Yeah .

Not only is that unethical , you won't make any money with it .

Other requirements for joining the Creativity program are having 100,000 views and 10,000 followers , which might seem like a lot .

But with what I'm about to show you , you'll reach that in no time first , you need a catchy name for your account for this .

You can use names which is basically chat G BT .

But for branding .

So inside of names , just enter some keywords related to your business and it will generate hundreds of names for you in just a few seconds after you've picked your name , you need a profile picture for your tiktok account .

I really don't recommend taking anything from Google because it can be kind of risky .

So for this , you can use a site like Leonardo dot A I .

All right .

So I'm inside of Leonardo .

Oh , actually no scratch that go to image generation and you can play around with different prompts .

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I normally just go with like a cute dog or other animal because the A I is really good at that .

If you tell it to create an image of a human , you might get something out of a horror movie after you have your profile picture , it's time for the most important part .

Go to , click create a design and select tiktok video , then go to elements , click on search , then go to videos , then add any video to your page .

It doesn't really matter what it is .

Then go up top here and click on the duration and change this to 9.5 seconds .

You'll see why this isn't a little .

Then go to text and click , add heading .

Then you want to change the font to Proxima Nova and use the bold version because this looks very similar to tiktok's font similar to the video .

The actual text here doesn't matter because we'll be replacing it later on .

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Then I'm gonna drag it up here to the top , change the font size to 50 click on effects and then click the background option , then change the background color to black and then go back and change the text color to white .

Then duplicate this once , change the text to text one again , I'll show you what to replace this with like then click on these three dots here and click show timing , then you want to drag this back .

So it's only seven seconds long , then duplicate this text box twice .

So now you have three text boxes .

Next , go to youtube and search for five second timer green screen .

Canva does have some of these in their library , but they're kind of trash and I prefer this one .

So I'm going to copy the URL .

OK ?

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Go to Ss and paste in the URL , then download the 720 P version , then go back to Canva click on uploads and upload the file you just downloaded , then add it to your video and make it a bit smaller and drag it to the bottom here , then go up top here to edit video and click on background remover .

Then after the background has been removed , click on the video , click on the three dots again and click show timing , then adjust this .

So it's only five seconds long and then drag it .

So it starts at exactly two seconds .

Don't worry , this is the most tedious part .

It'll get way easier later on .

So now when you play your video , the timer should disappear at the same time as those three text boxes , then click on text two duplicate this , change the font size to 60 change the font color to something other than white .

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I normally go with this lime color , then click the three dots again , click show timing , then drag it to the end here and shorten it so that this text box appears at the same time when the other text boxes disappear .

So right here on 2.3 seconds .

OK ?

Now it's time for the fun part .

Go to chat dot open A and give it the following prompt .

Create 10 quick and interesting trivia questions for a tiktok audience to solve .

Make them fun and easy to answer .

Each question .

Should have three options with only one right answer .

Put it in table format with these headings .

I'll have this prompted in the description so you can just copy and paste it .

And it's important that you don't make the questions too difficult , but you also don't want to make them so easy that someone like Beetlejuice could answer them .

What number comes between two and four Beetlejuice 20 five .

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After it generates the table for you , you want to copy the entire thing , then go to Google sheets and paste everything in , then go to file , download and choose CS V .

Then go back to Canva click on apps and search for bulk create , then select it , then click on upload CS V and choose the file that you just downloaded from Google sheets .

Now it's time to finally replace those text boxes that we made earlier , starting with the head , click on the three dots and then click on connect data and select question .

Then replace text one with option A and you want to do the same thing for the other two text boxes .

So replace text two with option B and then replace text three with option C .

Then for the green text box , you want to replace that with answer .

So now all five data fields should be identified .

Then click continue and click generate 10 designs .

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Then it's going to automatically create 10 different pages with all the questions and answers you've got from chat GP T but we're not done just yet .

You want to adjust the sizing and format of the questions just so it looks a bit better .

Then you want to replace the background video , something relevant to the question .

So I'll delete the video .

Then I'll search for a video related to planets .

Then I'll add the video to my page , resize it .

So it fits the whole screen .

Then click on position , click , move to back , then I'll click on the duration up top here and make it 9.5 seconds .

Now you want to do that for each of the other nine pages and we're almost done .

But there's one more crucial element that we need to add .

Go back to your sheet with all the questions and answers and delete all three options for each question and then drag the answer column over , then highlight all 10 answers and questions excluding the header and copy it all .

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Then use the link in the description to go to 11 labs dot IO , go to voice library and pick a voice to use .

Now , Natasha is my girl .

So I normally use her , I already have her added , but you would want to click add to voice lab , then go to speech synthesis and paste in what you got from Google sheets .

So now you should have all 10 questions and answers line by line , then click generate and it will create a realistic voiceover for you .

Then click this icon here at the bottom to download it .

Then go back to Kamba and upload the MP3 file .

You just got from 11 labs and add it to your video and you just want to chop this up .

So the audio matches the video .

So after she says the question , you want to right click and do split audio and then drag it over .

So she says the answer right when it pops up and it doesn't have to be perfect .

But you want to do that for the entire video before going over the last part , I want to show you something shocking about videos like this .

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This account is uploading the same exact videos I just taught you how to create .

And one of the videos got 35 million views in only one month with the C PM of $1 .

That's $35,000 in earnings of one video in only one month .

And even if their C PM was on the very low end at like 10 cents , that's still $3500 in pure profit in only one month .

This other account is uploading similar videos as well and they have over 700,000 followers , which means they're also printing money right now .

Ok ?

So once you've finished editing your video , you wanna go up top to the right here and click on share , then click on download , then keep all these settings the same and click on download again .

And after it's finished downloading , you want to send this to your phone so you can start uploading it to tiktok and here's the key when it comes to uploading , go to your competitors and find out what sound they're using for this account .

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They're using this sound curiosity by Danilo's think of it .

Then use it in all of your tiktoks as well .

And same thing with the hashtags .

Do you want to use the exact same as them when you first create your account ?

I recommend not posting for at least two days .

What you should gradually warm up the account by scrolling through the app and liking and commenting on other people's posts .

Otherwise there's a chance that tiktok flags your account as a bot and penalizes your videos now , that's all good .

But that's just the tip of the iceberg .

I'll show you my three easy tricks to help you go viral .


Number one is adding a hook regardless of the niche or even the platform you're on the first few seconds have to grab the user's attention and get them to stop scrolling .

Great hook for these trivia videos are what this account did .

It said if you don't get five out of five , you need to go back to school .

This makes the user curious and also is , it's kind of like a challenge .

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Number two is including a wrong answer or a funny option to get people to comment .

The tiktok algorithm values comments way more than likes .

So if you're getting tons of comments , your video is bound to get a boost in the algorithm , increasing the chances of it going viral .

This video had a wrong answer for one of their questions which caused someone to leave a comment about it which caused even more people to leave comments , further boosting engagement .

Now those two were good but they're nothing compared to this next one .

Trick .

Number three is to create a series and attach it to all of your tiktoks .

And a series on tiktok is just kind of like a set of videos that you charge money for .

Here's an example .

So I'm on this account , mental mindset that I talked about earlier and I'll go to series and you can see that they're selling this mini course for $5 .

Now the price and the content of course , don't really matter .

The point of this is not to get sales .

What do you mean by that ?

So tiktok gets a cut of every purchase on their platform normally like 5% .

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And tiktok obviously wants to make as much money as possible .

So guess what happens when you attach the series to your videos ?

They'll get a massive boost in the algorithm because the more views you get , the more money they'll make .

And this is the case , regardless of what kind of tiktoks you're uploading same thing with the bulk create feature and Canva , you can use it to create tiktoks in bulk for or any niche .

And what I showed you earlier was not at full potential .

You can have chat GP t give you 300 questions and answers and then you do the same thing as before .

But this time you're gonna generate 300 different pages instead of just 10 .

And then when you go to download it , instead of downloading all the pages at the same time , you just download 10 at a time .

So you do pages 1 to 10 and then download it pages 11 to 20 download it and so on .

So then you'll have 30 different videos ready to upload to tiktok .

And you can just keep doing this to crank out videos as fast as possible .

You can do riddles , motivational videos , conspiracy theories and so much more .

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And because it's so easy and it takes so little time , you can create this whole network of accounts that are making income for you passively and you can post these on youtube shorts and reels for even more views without doing really any more work .

All right .

So I hope you found that helpful if you made it this far .

Leave a comment down below saying viral .

I'll see you in the next one .

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