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2024-01-12 11:44:11

How to Write AI Content That's Undetectable

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Welcome to our channel .

We are Technique Force and we help grow your business online .

Please hit the subscribe button to get more updates , how to write undetectable A I content in this video .

I'm going to show you how to create completely undetectable A I content .

Google will have no clue if it's written by an A I and neither will you men want proof an A I content piece pulled 100% guaranteed A I score before I work my magic on it .

Then I I used just one of the techniques I'll show you in this video .

We now have 100% original .

When you produce high quality and detectable A A articles , you can generate enormous amounts of content like it's no one's business which is going to sprout a massive traffic boner for your website .

So you can then start printing money like PABA Powell .

Now , there's multiple ways that people claim they can beat A I detection tools such as writing the content with quail bot the emoji break in quite a few more .

I'm going to test each of them out to see which ones work .

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But first let's generate some a content and plug it into each of the detection tools so we can get a baseline .

I'm going to use Chat G BT to generate my test content .

Here's my prompt , write me an article on Life after death and here's the content .

Now , let's go on over to originality dot A I to see if it bust me red handed for using A I plop in the content .

Here .

Let it run and here we go .

Originality says there's 100% chance it's A I and 0% original .

Let's start to do some magic tricks to see if I can improve this core .

The first technique I'm going to use is quail bot for rewriting your content .

You do this by going to quail bot dropping or pacing in your content and then just hit paraphrase and just like that , we got this new content on the right , just copy this new text and paste it back into originality .

Originality said it was 100% fake before and now it's 95% real .

That was easy .

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Now let's move over to testing some of the free techniques .

The following few are all under the umbrella of telling the A I not to write like an A I starting with perplexity and bursts .

There's this pose and medium where the auto share the following prompt to pre trainin your A I before it starts word vomiting H at G BT .

Regarding generating writing content , two factors are crucial to being the highest degree perplexity and burst inness , perplexity measures the complexity of the text separately burst in as compares the variations of sentences , blah , blah , blah so on and so forth .

Next copy this paragraph , drop it into your A I tool and then ask it to create a content based on the above .

Write me an article on Life after death .

Originality says it's 7 8% A I which is an improvement from the 100% .

Before next , we have another pre training prompt that tells the tool how to write like a human .

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Try to sound like a human writer , writing for a blog , writing in the first person giving advice , try to sound unique and write in an unpredictable fashion that doesn't sound like GP T three .

Here's how I perform for test case , it's crew , the pooch .

How about if we ask the A A itself how to write and detect A I content ?

What are the key attributes of conversational content that is undetectable is being written by an A I chat G BT tells you that this content would include contextual understanding , writing responses , emotional intelligence , et cetera .

And then you ask it to generate your content before I show you the result .

Let me introduce to you our product A I collective .

I know that you've been using Chat GP T and maybe you even have a paid subscription and you're paying $20 a month .

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But A I collective will blow everything to do because it one single front end for everything that is A I , it connects with open A I's GPT platform and including GPT four when it's available GPT 3.5 and all the other versions as well as hugging face , which is a marketplace for A I models to give you access to literally unlimited A I models , whether it's for images or text .

Because A I Collective not only supports chats but also images .

So you can generate your images , right ?

Within A I collective , you can create articles , headlines , email sales , copy outreach messages , social media , post eagle dog scripts , et cetera .

Going back now , we're talking based on all the simple pre training exercises we've used so far asking the A I directly how to pass detectors gives the most consistent result .

What if we ask the Almighty A I how to fix content that's already written ?

Let it first write your content in vanilla mode , then you ask it to rewrite the above content so that it is not detected as A I content by A I content writers .

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And here's the result .

This is our best performing technique so far simply asking the A I to rewrite itself for possible results in great scores for all the tools and that's it .

So what do you think of this video ?

Please comment down below before we end this video .

Let me introduce to you A I collective .

Why only check G BT .

There are a number of A is out there and A I collective is compatible with most of them .

And we are adding new ones constantly get the answer from any A IA I collective does everything .

It create articles , write emails , write blog posts , write social media content , get answers to any question , get html and coding solutions , create logos , memes , social images A I collective helps creators get better results for every project .

So track A I collective now go to get a .

I hope you find this video helpful and thanks for watching .

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