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2024-04-12 18:35:13

3 True Creepy Roommate Horror Stories

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Several years ago when I was broke , I moved to a new city for a job .

This job was not the most well paying job but it was decent because I had no money going into it though I had to find a cheap place to live .

I ended up going on to Craigslist and finding a roommate there .

I know that sounds sketchy and the truth is that it is sketchy because the guy that I was roommates with was weird .

At first , he seemed normal enough but I never actually met him in person until I moved into the apartment .

We had a 2 bedroom place and it was right outside of the city .

My roommate's name was Kevin and he was thin , had longer hair , and was about my age .

The apartment that we got was not very nice .

It was located in not the best neighborhood , and the building was old and a little bit rundown .

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We had a living room , a small kitchen , and then a hallway where Kevin's room was at one end .

The bathroom was sort of across from Kevin's room and then my bedroom was at the other end of the hallway .

I knew that living with Kevin would be temporary and as soon as I had enough money to move to a better place , I would .

After meeting Kevin and moving in , he just seemed a little bit strange .

He He was not that friendly and for the most part , he stayed out of my way which was nice and I stayed out of his .

Kevin seemed to be a pretty private guy and didn't have much interest in being friends or anything and that was fine .

One thing he did though was he would forget to lock the main door of our apartment .

There was like 5 different times where I know I locked the door and then I would see it unlocked .

I tried to talk to him about it once and he kinda blew me off .

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This made me kinda mad , because many times , I remember I would get up to use our only bathroom , which was right across from Kevin's room , So I would have to walk by his door to use the bathroom , and Kevin would be in his bedroom when I was going to use the bathroom a lot of times .

When I would start to approach , I would literally hear him locking his door .

It was like he was afraid that I was going to try to go into his room so he was locking it .

And I never once tried to enter his room .

I never even knocked on his door so it was annoying how he would always do that but seemingly forget to lock the front door .

In the apartment that we lived in , I would have liked to have the front door locked all the time .

Luckily though , my bedroom also had a lock on it .

One night , I was sleeping but woke up in the middle of the night .

The first thing that I remember after waking up is that I heard somebody right outside my bedroom door .

My heart started racing and I didn't know what to do .

Whoever this person was , was already inside the apartment , probably because Kevin left the door unlocked .

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I then heard this noise like somebody was messing around with the lock on my door , maybe they were trying to pick it .

This went on for like a minute , but luckily they didn't get in .

I got my phone that was next to my bed and I called the police .

Then I turned on my bedroom light .

When this happened , I heard whoever it was moving away from the door and seemingly back out towards the living room .

I didn't leave my room until the police arrived .

By then , I hadn't heard anything in a long time .

I finally left my bedroom and saw that our front door was left unlocked again .

The police came in and searched the place .

While this was going on , Kevin left his bedroom apparently woken up by the commotion .

He said that he didn't see or hear anything .

The police didn't find anybody and nothing was stolen or missing .

I even remember when the police were there , Kevin loudly said to me , are you sure you weren't dreaming the whole thing ?

I found this comment to be a little bit rude because I knew that I wasn't .

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The police also heard him and I didn't want them to think that I was just imagining the whole thing .

The police advised us to keep our door locked and then they left .

After they left , I remember Kevin asking me why I called the cops .

It was like he was annoyed that I did .

I said because he left the front door unlocked and somebody broke in .

Kevin claimed that he didn't leave it unlocked .

And he said that our lock must be faulty , but I didn't believe him .

I mean , somebody broke into our apartment and tried to get into my bedroom and Kevin just seemed annoyed by the whole thing .

He didn't even seem that concerned .

After that , we both back to our rooms and I went back to bed .

I really couldn't wait to move out of there .

Soon , I would have enough money saved up to do so .

Several days went by and everything seemed to be going normal .

Then , one night , I was in my bedroom again .

Now usually , I would hang out in my bedroom and then go to the bathroom and brush my teeth .

Then I would return , lock my door , and go to sleep .

That was my nightly routine that I had .

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So on this night , I believe it was a Friday because I didn't have work the next morning .

I know that because I was staying up much later and watching YouTube videos on my phone .

It was past the time that I usually went to sleep .

I think it was after midnight .

I was laying on my bed and my lights were out but my door was unlocked because I hadn't brushed my teeth yet .

I remember all of a sudden seeing my bedroom door start to open .

My headphones were in so I didn't hear anything but when I saw this , I took them out and looked to the door .

After it slowly opened , I saw Kevin entering .

When he saw me staring right at him , he stopped , turned around , and then left .

I yelled at him asking what he wanted but he quickly returned to his room .

I thought this was really weird and also creepy .

So I got up and brushed my teeth then locked my door and went to bed .

The next day , I asked Kevin what he was doing and he completely denied it .

I couldn't believe it .

He suggested that I was having another dream .

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This made me mad , but I didn't say anything .

Instead , I realized that it was probably him the night I had called the police .

I don't think anybody else even entered our apartment .

I mean , nothing was stolen and nothing was messed up .

Plus , the person went right for my room .

So I started looking for a new place that same day .

Within a week , I moved out .

Ever since then , I haven't seen or heard from Kevin , and I'm hoping that I never do .

This is the story of my freshman year in college .

I went to a smaller university .

There were only a few 1,000 students that attended it , so the campus wasn't very large , but I like that about this place .

However , my 1st year I had to live in the dorms to save a little bit of money and maybe make a friend , I chose to have a random roommate .

This decision backfired .

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I didn't know anybody at the college when I got there and the first person that I met was the roommate .

He told me that his name was Joe .

Joe was a strange guy .

Overall , he was rude , unfriendly and he never left the room other than to go to class .

He was not at all the type of person that I would normally hang out with .

And by the second week , I had given up all hope of being friends with him .

I had a TV and a PS 4 that I brought with to school .

And Joe said that I could never use it because it bothered him .

He also demanded that all lights be off after dark .

I tried to reason with him once but he threatened to report me to the dean of students .

I wasn't scared by the threat .

I didn't really think they would do anything , but I would rather just try to get along with my roommate .

Instead , I would do my studying in class buildings around campus .

I made other friends at college pretty quickly and when I was talking with them about Joe one day , they suggested that I get a new room .

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I hadn't even realized this was an option until they told me .

So I put in a request to get my own solo dorm room .

I was told that when one came available , they would contact me .

About 2 weeks later , so now about a month and a half into the school year , I was contacted .

I was told that I could move into a different dorm building that was across the street .

This building was a little bit newer and nicer .

It had a room that was available , and I accepted it .

I decided not to even tell Joe .

I didn't know if he would be happy or sad about it , but I didn't want him thinking that I hated him or something .

So one day , when Joe was gone at his classes at a time that I didn't have class , I packed up all my stuff and just left .

Without saying a word , my entire half of the room was now gone .

I moved into my new building and got my new room .

It was so nice to finally have a place all to myself .

I could watch TV , play PlayStation , and not have any complaints .

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I could even have my friends over to hang out .

However , I did want to be careful not to see my old roommate , Joe .

Like I said , it was a small campus , so there was a chance that we would cross paths .

If we did , I didn't want him to ask me why I left or something .

I was careful to avoid him , and I didn't see him at all for a couple of days .

As for my new room , at first , it was great .

But on probably the second or third night that I was there , something happened .

I was playing video games late at night and I heard somebody try to open my door .

It was locked , so it didn't open .

After a few seconds , I got up to look out of my peephole .

When I was walking towards the door , I heard somebody knock on it .

There weren't even that people that knew I lived here yet , so I found this to be really strange .

When I got to the door , I saw Joe standing there .

I did not wanna answer it , and I quietly moved away from the door .

He knocked one more time , and I didn't answer that either .

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I was really creeped out .

I mean , how did he even know that I lived here ?

I didn't tell him , and I wasn't friends with him on Snapchat or anything where he could see my location .

This was really strange .

I went back and looked like 10 minutes later and he was finally gone .

I didn't know why he had come here .

There was no reason I could think of .

Well , the next morning , I got up and had to go to class .

When I left my room , I walked down a couple of hallways to get to the front of the building , And one of the hallways was a sort of lounge study area .

When I was approaching it , I saw Joe sitting in one of the chairs there .

I couldn't believe that he was in my dorm building .

He didn't live here .

I didn't know what he was doing .

I turned around and left out of another exit .

I thought maybe he was following me .

It was really strange .

Later on in that same day , I was walking on campus and I happen to notice him again .

There was sort of a lot of other people walking around and I saw him a ways behind me .

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I walked back to my dorm building and he seemed to almost follow me there .

He wasn't walking close enough to follow me inside or anything , but I was very suspicious when I noticed .

I got back in my building and was wondering what this guy's problem was .

Well , that same night , he was back at my room .

Once more , I was up late and he tried entering .

It was locked like always , and he then knocked on the door .

This time , it was louder than before .

I didn't answer but was watching him through the peephole .

He knocked again very loudly but I still did nothing .

When he knocked for a third time , I remember somebody else who lived down the hall opened up their door .

They told him to quiet down .

Joe didn't say anything .

Then he stood there for probably a minute .

After that , he backed up a step and then kicked my door extremely loud and hard .

I was honestly afraid that the door might break but it didn't .

Joe then turned and stormed off .

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After this , I made up my mind that I was going to report him and the next day I did .

Somebody must have talked to him or something because I stopped seeing him after that and he did not return to my room .

I was still very suspicious that he would follow me around or show up again or something for like a month , but luckily he didn't .

A while after this , I met somebody that used to know him , they weren't really his friend but had several classes with him .

They told me that he had dropped out and also said that his name wasn't even Joe , None of these things really surprised me .

I'm not sure why he gave me a fake name , but he was a weird guy .

Looking back , I'm really glad that I moved out when I did .

Back when I got my first adult job after college , I moved into a smaller house with a roommate .

The roommate was a girl that I went to high school with , and her and I were in the same grade .

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However , we weren't really friends .

We both knew of each other , but didn't have the same friend groups .

I didn't know much about her , but somehow after college , we found ourselves living in the same city .

We had been friends on Facebook or something .

And because we both lived there and didn't know anybody else , we decided to try to become friends and live together .

We were both female , the same age , and figured they would work out , but I was wrong about that .

At first , she seemed cool .

I honestly forgot where she worked , but she had pretty normal hours like I did .

Our bedrooms were the only 2 in the house and next to each other in the hallway .

We were not best buddies or anything but we got along good at first , but she seemed to have sort of strange behavior .

I remember that I was noticing her leaving and coming home at all kinds of odd hours .

All the time , I would wake up to hearing her leaving or coming home .

I was a light sleeper and the times would be anywhere from midnight to 5 AM .

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I had no idea where she would be going or why and this happened so much at least several times a week .

One time I brought it up asking why she was leaving at 2 AM .

She flat out denied it and said that I must have heard the neighbor .

I didn't tell her I knew it was her because I realized that whatever it was she didn't want me to know .

I didn't really think too much of it for the most part though .

But one night several months into living there , I was out late .

I was with some other friends and I got back home at probably almost midnight .

After arriving back to the house , I went inside and all of the lights were off .

I turned on some lights and also noticed that my roommate's door was open and she did not appear to be inside .

I called out her name just wondering if she was home .

I figured that she was gone again when she didn't answer .

Then I went into my bedroom and changed and got in bed .

I was tired , but after closing my eyes , for some reason , I had a hard time getting to sleep .

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I laid there for probably 20 minutes trying to rest , but it was like I wasn't tired anymore .

Then suddenly , I heard this noise inside of my room .

I had no idea what it was .

I looked up and saw my closet door opening .

Then I saw my roommate walking out .

It was really dark in there but I could clearly tell that it was her .

This was so strange .

I had no idea what she was doing in there .

I sat up and asked her what was going on .

As soon as I spoke , she looked over and saw me .

Then she started running and darted out of my room .

I stayed where I was and was just so confused .

Then probably a minute later , I heard her leaving the house out the front door .

At that point , I decided that I needed to move out of there as soon as possible .

For the next couple of days , I packed up my stuff .

I don't know where my roommate was during this time , but she was never there when I was .

She must have only been back when I was at work , then I moved out .

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After that , I haven't spoken to her since .

She blocked me on social media and I still don't know why she was hiding in the closet of my room .

She probably didn't expect me to get home when I did .

That's why her door was open and she was in my room .

She must have had to hide in my closet and waited until she thought I was sleeping to try to leave the room .

I'm glad that I couldn't sleep though and that I noticed her .

That was by far the creepiest roommate experience I've ever had .

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