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2024-02-17 22:36:24

YOU should be SMART Enough to REALISE this #manipulation #darkpsychology

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My dad once told me that son by age 35 you should be smart enough to realize this one .

Stay silent .

Not everything needs to be said .

Two , silence is better than unnecessary drama .

Three , if you find someone smarter than you work with them , don't compete .

Four , the family you create is more important than the family you come from five .

Your current job doesn't care about you .

They only pay you enough to kill your dreams .

Six free yourself from society's advice because most of them have no idea what they're doing .

Seven , most people drift through life .

They have no purpose , no direction and zero intent , learn their needs and leave them eight .

It's better to have one friend who's happy for you .

Supports your wins , encourages your dreams than a bunch of acquaintances who are lazy , self centered .

Jealous of your success .

No , no one will ever come save you .

Your life is 100% your

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