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2023-11-06 02:39:21

NEW AI Product Tool! _ Deepbrain AI Studios Review

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Hi guys , welcome to my channel .

My name is Tristan Ringer and today I'm going to review Deep Brain A I Studios .

I'm an affiliate with A I studios as I recently purchased the product for today's insight on what it is and how it works .

So this is what your dashboard will look like when you log into A I studios .

As you can see , they give you a bunch of different templates to choose from .

But for today's video purpose , we're gonna select presentation .

OK ?

So once you're in the video editor , you'll see a bunch of different options to choose from in the middle .

Of course , is your video preview with your avatar and the different text you write on top , you have the ability to rename the project on the left .

You have the slides in the order they are in underneath that you have layers with the different layers that your um preview consists of .

On the right .

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We have a column that shows you your model , text , subtitle , image , background , video , audio , and I don't think you can see this , but it says shapes if you select something , uh last one will appear which is animations .

So a bunch of different things , they give you to edit your video .

We're gonna start with the pop and rename our project .

So we're going to go ahead and call this new project .

First thing we're gonna do is select our avatar as that's probably the main thing that you're here for .

So once you click your avatar , the avatar models will pop up , you can see that they have a bunch of different options to choose from .

Some of these are locked .

I believe that is because they have a premium membership , which the premium membership will allow you to have more avatars .

But they give you a pretty big selection to begin with .

We're gonna select Jonathan .

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OK ?

So once we selected that there are ways to edit this , so you can see that underneath your avatars , you can have the full body , you can have only the head or you can just have the voice .

We were like we like the head one .

So we'll choose the head , put it in the top right corner .

One thing I will note about this uh product is that unlike other video or presentation products , there isn't really an align option .

So it's hard to know where you are setting images or texts in your videos .

So just keep note of that .

OK .

So once we have the head , um we'll see that the language right now is English .

It's played at a space of 0.5 seconds and at a speed of one time .

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Um So in underneath , you will see that there is a bubble , a bubble for your text and this is what the avatar will speak .

So below it will show you the text to speech bubble .

So we typed in there .

Hi there .

Welcome to A I or sorry .

Hi there .

Welcome to Deep Brain A I Studios and then we can hit preview then takes a moment to synthesize .

Hi there .

Welcome to Deep Brain A I Studios .

So as you can see the avatar was not moving while the text was being uh spoken .

That is because you need to export the video first in order to see the avatar's mouth move .

OK ?

So I'm gonna show you a little bit about the text in the video .

So on here it shows you the bubble that um you would type your t so sample one and then it highlights it here .

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You can have different kinds of texts , you can insert headers , titles , main texts and captions , but we'll just stick with what we have here .

Um Like I said before , there isn't the aligning there also isn't uh bullets in the text option , which is kind of annoying .

But as you can see here , you can kind of make it work with different shapes and numbers and uh texts and just rearrange it however you like .

But this is something to keep it , keep mind of .

OK ?

As you can see here , you can change the color of the text .

So we're gonna keep it white for now .

But there is the whole array of different colors .

You can change the font .

And as you can see , there is a bunch of different fonts you can choose from .

We're just gonna stick with .

Actually , we're gonna change it to uh serve pro OK ?

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You can see there the text changed , you can scale your text .

So how big you want it ?

You can also position your text in the XY and Z components .

And lastly , you can change the opacity of the text .

So if you want it to be more transparent or more bold , you have the option there underneath is subtitle , which is very handy .

If you are making presentations for a classroom or for a business presentation , you can hit subtitle and it would generate the subtitles to what the text is being spoken .

So the text in your video is not being spoken , but the text uh underneath in your chat bubble is being spoken .

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So as you can see there , it shows what the text from the bubble is saying and it will follow um it will follow the same pattern , the same speed that the A I is speaking from .

There are different options for your subtitles , but we'll just keep them normal for now .

Next images .

So if we create a new slide here , then we would make our avatar just the head , only a little bit up it up , we can add new images .

So they give you a preview of images that they have already selected .

You can upload your own image , but we're just gonna choose selected image .

So I like this one .

Put it here .

We can also add an animation at the end to the image .

Oh Yeah , there we go .

So make it slide in on top .

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Sorry , I should have spoke about this earlier .

So the different languages , there are a bunch of different languages with different accents that you can choose from .

It , doesn't it ?

One thing to note is that it won't detect what language you write in .

So you're gonna have to translate it to that language for it to be spoken in that language if that makes sense .

So if you wanted it to speak in Spanish , you're gonna have to write your text in Spanish and then select the Spanish voice if that makes sense .

OK .

Moving on .

Um Yeah , this is honestly pretty much the gist of it guys like there are different videos you can select , you can upload your own , you can record , you can change the background color right now .

It's on blue .

Let's change it to a lighter blue .

There we go .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Uh different audio you can add which is cool , you can upload audio , these are for like songs or , or just that background effect noise you want .

Um So yeah , so the text or the A I will be speaking the text that you write , you just have to export it first for that to happen .

Uh So I'm gonna go ahead and export and we're gonna see what comes up .

So when you have your membership in A I studios , you'll see that your membership consists of 20 cubes per month .

One video is one cube .

And as you can see here , there are different cube rates for different options , but the video will cost you one cube .

So you're allowed up to 20 videos per month , which is pretty sweet .

If you can do 20 videos per month , I think for most people , that'll be more than enough .

But if you're making a lot of videos consistently , you might have to upgrade to the premium , the premium membership .

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So we're gonna go ahead and export .

If you scroll down on the bottom of your dashboard , you'll see that it only takes a couple minutes for it to export until you get your final product .

Ok , guys .

So the video is done as you can remember , we wrote just a quick little script at the bottom uh with subtitles .

So you can see how it is played through .

Here we go .

Hi there .

Welcome to Deep Brain A I Studios .

Hey guys , here is a cool rock formation .

Pretty cool guys .

So let me know what you think in the comments below .

Overall .

I think this is a very powerful product .

I think it will save you a bunch of time .

If you were filming yourself before and editing videos , it will save you a bunch of time .

Probably money .

Also .

Um Couple things that I would uh like to see in the future with this product is have more of an alignment with the , the text or the pictures and have more options for the tech .

So like bullet forms points , those kind of things .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

But overall , it's a pretty good starter for where it is and it's at a pretty reasonable price .

So thank you guys for watching and I'll catch you in the next video .


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